VI#10 with Choc Edge

Video interviews are back! This time we get the chance to talk with Mark Jones from Choc Edge.If you want to know more about one of the oldest companies in the game. This is your interview. Totally worthy to watch it to learn more about Choc Edge get some insides on how their printers work

Printing your face on a coffee, (experience)

Another weekly 3d food printing adventure. This time we get to visit the Caface. Coffee spot in Seoul where you can get your picture printed on top of your coffee. I have been following for a while this printers, that rarely hit Europe. So when I found this spot it was a must during my

Chocosketch, 3d chocolate printer by Rokit

Last month we got the chance to visit the headquarters of Rokit in Seoul South Korea. Thanks to Shane we got to know more about the and their 3d chocolate printer, Chocosketch. During our visit we got the chance to see the printer in action, taste its prints and get an overview of the features.

3DFPod Ch. 7 – Intro to 3D Food Printing for Makers! | 3DCxPinshape

Continuing on our podcasting journey in 3D Food Printing we have a special chapter: Intro to 3DFP for MAKERS! This is a special chapter because it correspondes with our latest collab: 3DIGITALCOOKS x Pinshape. Big shoutout to Lauren Watkins and the whole Pinshape community for welcoming us with open arms and allowing us to help explain how to

3DFPod Ch. 10: 3D Food Printing Workshop Podcast

Chapter 10 is a(nother) special chapter of the 3DFPod: 3D Food Printing Workshop Podcast ! In our 3D food printing workshop podcast we briefly go into just what the 3DFP workshop that we’re having at FabCon 3.D in Erfurt, Germany 14-16 June 2016 will be about: Who we think will benefit from attending Why we’re doing


What a month Aprils’ been for 3D Food Printing! Foodini rolling of the manufacturing line, Pizza Printer crowdfunding campaign, 3D Food Printing Panel at SXSW: SouthBites, 3D Food Printing Conference and the biggest moment of the month for us had to be announcing our 3D Food Printing Workshop: EXPLORATORIUM at FabCon 3.D 2016 in June! The first

3D Food Printing Workshop @ FabCon 2016

We are happy, glad, hyped and excited to announce that our next 3D food printing workshop will happen at Fabcon 3.D 2016. 14-16  June at Messe Erfurt in Erfurt, Germany.  Huge thanks to Florian Horsch, Marcus Lutterburg and Diana Kuecher and the whole Messe Erfurt team for their selfless efforts to bring our workshop to FabCON 3.D. 2016!

3DFPod Ch. 8: 2016 3D Food Printing Conference Preview

Let’s start this off right.. with a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! I’ll (Jason – @BotBQ) be at the 3D Food Printing Conference next week.. unfortunately Luis (@3DIGITALCOOKS) won’t be 🙁  … AND we made a #3DFPod chapter about it where we briefly go over last year’s 3DFPconf, what we’re looking forward to this year and some of the exciting

You’re Invited: pre-3D Food Printing Conference MEETUP!

It’s that time of year again.. 3D Food Printing Conference time!  Unfortunately Luis will not be joining us this year 🙁  but I’ll be there repping 3DC to the fullest! Let’s start the couple days we have together off right.. geeking out over 3DFP with some beers.  Same place, same time (I believe) as last

5 reasons why I love 3d food printing

New media format coming to 3DIGITALCOOKS. Let us know your opinion. In this video I explained you the 5 reasons why I love 3d food printing. 1. Bond between food and people I won’t lie I started in the magic world of 3d food printing because was curious about what the whole reprap thing was. Soon

Walkthrough Pinya3, 3d food printing platform

In this video we go through some of the reasons why we build Pinya3 a 3d food printing platform. Pinya3 is the open source 3d food platform that we use to create our digital recipes. This video was made during our time in Seoul. Thank you to the Art center Nabi for allowing us using their

3D Food for Special dates App by David Vilella

During the last 6 months we have been lucky enough to count on David Vilella Riera to explore and push forward our vision for 3DFP design apps. With his contribution we have started walking through the generative design path for 3DFP. His work was focused on designing an interface that was intuitive and easy to use. Moreover


3D Food Printing Podcast Ch. 5 – Demo-licious

3DFPod #5! 5 is alive…. We’ve made it to the 5th chapter in the brief history of the 3D Food Printing Podcast and it’s a fun one.  We find out about some top-secret project that Luis has been working on (actually it’s no secret.. just some super amazing 3DFP wizardry) that he had to deploy

Pier 9 3D Food Printing Presentation – Luis Rodriguez

Obviously my English skills are far from great, but I did my best. Here you have the presentation I did at Pier 9 to wrap up my awesome time there. Hope you enjoy.   AiR Presentation: Luis Rodriguez from Pier 9 on Vimeo.

3DFP experience at Pier9

On August 1st 2015 I landed on San Francisco. I did not know much about what the next 6 months would mean to me, but there I was ready for a new adventure. A few weeks before I got accepted to be an Artist in Residence for the 2015 fall cohort. Where? at Pier 9!

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