New 3d food printer, first steps

My 2019 3d food printing resolutions included, not only, a new 3d food printer. Pinya4 is a new iteration on the saga. The fourth one. As mentioned in this previous post the main goals for my new 3d food printer Pinya 4 are: Easy to use Automatic multitool Clean access to printing area Easy to


Printing food with a coaxial nozzle

I like making things. Sometimes too much. I made my first coaxial nozzle 4 years ago and until this year I did not give it a decent shot. Wanna learn more about my first experiments with it? Lets do it! First lets explain properly what is a coaxial nozzle. It is as simple as a


Why a new 3d food printer?

It has been almost 4 years since the release of my last 3d food printer PINYA3. A lot has happened since then and an update felt obvious. But needed? PINYA3 design criteria were: Easy to clean Kitchen compatible: print on a dish, small footprint Fixed printing area At the last minute, a fourth one slip

3d food printing conference 2019

2019 was not going to be an exception…The 3d food printing conference 2019 is back! This is always exciting. Something new will change the game? Talks Networking Live demos! One of the very few opportunities to have a 3d food printing immersion with professionals in the field. 3D Food Printing Conference 2019 takes place on

3d food printing workshop in NYC

Hi, everyone. This is Luis. 3DigitalCooks is back with a new 3d food printing workshop. Exciting! We have put together a 101 workshop on 3d food printing that we will be holding regularly in New York City. We feel is the right time to start sharing all our knowledge and experience on 3d food printing!

3d food printing conference 2018

And here it is again! The 3d food printing conference is coming back for the 4th year. Excited to see that and event exist to learn and summit the turns around on 3d food printing. This year the event will happen the 28 of June at Villa Flora, Venlo The Netherlands. The conference will be

3d chocolate printer by Evan Weinstein

It is truly inspiring every single time I found someone, with the willingness to learn and the tenacity to work on 3d food printing. In this case Evan Weinstein decided to work in the holy grail of 3DFP problems. Printing Chocolate. Greatest part is that he is sharing a lot of his work! Specially the

Interview with Lynette Kucsma from Natural Machines

Back after a period of dead silence. I hope you all are alright. Today we have a recent interview I did with Lynette Kucsma (Sorry again, I always misspelled her surname) during the visit I did to Natural Machines a few weeks ago. Enjoy! Remember to check all the past interview here.

Rocking Candy

Rocking candy is a new way to have fun  looking for new ways to use my printer to make fun stuff. Did I say fun twice? FUN FUN FUN. The whole idea behind the rocking candy arrived after some random brainstorming for candy designs. I was looking about cool stuff that I would like to

New Fellowship on 3d food printing design

2017 is not waiting for anyone! March is already here and I am starting a new Fellowship…. How exciting! It’s funny because before this one I have only been part of one previous fellowship as an AiR at Pier9. So when I got the chance to enroll in a new one I did not hesitate

Moving to New Lab

March, 2017 already. Time flies, faster than we would like but, well, that one thing its the same for all of us. This time our weekly adventure is moving the ZCorp printer, again. To New Lab! I have been recently accepted as a Fellow there, so I get to have more space for my experiments.

Visiting the CIA

Great, awesome, lets get for it. As much as I wanted, we needed to be respecful with the PR team at the CIA, so no videos but, AWESOME PICTURES instead of our visit at the CIA (culinary institute of america). First and foremost thanks again and again to Liam McCleod, for opening to us the

Visiting the Smart Gastronomy Lab

Long time no see! Back on the internets and its 2017. Time flies. Super excited about this video. Last year, one of our awesome support athletes (Yolanda) had the chance to visit the Smart Gastronomy Lab (SGL)  in Belgium. The SGL is not a new player in the game, they have been around for a

The 3d food printing conference is back!

Picture by 3dChef   The 3d food printing conference is back! 2017 is here and as usual the 3d food printing conference, could not fail us. This time moving to a summer edition. As with all 3D printing applications and aspects, 3D Food Printing is a huge hype. The 3D printing technology will be fundamental

Setting up our 3d food printing workshop

In this week’s video we present the second part of our awesome memories, from the 3d food printing workshop at Fabcon 3D. We just arrived to Messe Erfurt. First we discovered that the kitchen was empty and they had yet to build the sink and bring in all the equipment. But we also discovered that