5 reasons why I love 3d food printing

New media format coming to 3DIGITALCOOKS. Let us know your opinion. In this video I explained you the 5 reasons why I love 3d food printing.

1. Bond between food and people
I won’t lie I started in the magic world of 3d food printing because was curious about what the whole reprap thing was. Soon enough when I started fooling around with food I realized that when I was showing to people my food prints they were extremely curious. And for the first time in my life I felt I was connecting with them to explain my work. That feeling was amazing. The reason was not because my work was great, it was due to the strong bond that connects people with food. And that’s what truly makes 3dfp special.

2. 3d food printing is the wild wild west
3d food printing is a house yet needs to be build. There is no paths to follow. Nobody has come with a solution that sets the standard. That gives total freedom to explore and feel like your work and ideas can have a bigger meaning. That also means that failing is a must, what can be disappointing. But how cool is to have the feeling that you are part of something new that has not yet even started.

3. Everything play into 3d food printing
Its multidisciplinar. meaning that will need many many different jacket to come up with a simple digital recipe or even better make a lot of friends!!!!
Cooking, food science, design, user experience, design, if you are going down the customization road, learn how to use available tools, and if you can’t find it build your own, software, hardware, … although it might seem overwhelming and challenging that will depend completely on you. This wide range of discipline will pay of allowing you to have a wider view of the world.

4. Its fun!
Failing is sweet, eat ur failed prints! Surprisingly is quite social kids love to play and hang around it. Does not really matter how well you do because probably you will end up eating. Something that can not be said about 3d printing.

5. It has changed my life
I can not guarantee it will happen to you too. But 3DFP has completely changed my life. Period.
It has allowed me to travel way more than i ever did, learn plenty of new things and even find amazing jobs. And the best part is the incredible people I have meet during my 3d food printing journey.
To be honest the best part is that I feel it I am at the very very very beginning.

Unitl the next week!

3D Food Printing Podcast Ch. 5 – Demo-licious

3DFPod #5!

5 is alive….

We’ve made it to the 5th chapter in the brief history of the 3D Food Printing Podcast and it’s a fun one.  We find out about some top-secret project that Luis has been working on (actually it’s no secret.. just some super amazing 3DFP wizardry) that he had to deploy during a recent 3DFP demo at the Nabi Art Center in Seoul, South Korea.  He was able to push through the front lines and made the event a special one.  We also want to welcome Aram (new 3DC intern) and wish him lots of learning about 3D food printing design apps ahead!

Here’s a quick preview of the fifth chapter of the #3DFPod:

As usual, here are the links and the stream for Chapter 5 of the #3DFPod:

Please feel free to share the 3D Food Printing podcast with anyone who you know who will get some value out of it.  We make this to help spread the gospel of 3DFP so go ahead and join us and Preach ON!

3D Food Printing: Future and Past | Tech Plus Forum 2015

Tomorrow 08DEC2015 in Seoul, Luis will be at the Tech Plus Forum 2015 event doing a presentation – 3D Food Printing: Future and Past

There are plenty of other great presenters as well.  If you’re in the area, go by and say hi!

3DigitalCooks tech plus forum 2015 schedule

Seems that they will be posting updates on the Tech Plus Forum 2015 Facebook page where you might be able to follow along if you’re not able to attend.