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Rocking Candy

Rocking candy is a new way to have fun  looking for new ways to use my printer to make fun stuff. Did I say fun twice? FUN FUN FUN.

The whole idea behind the rocking candy arrived after some random brainstorming for candy designs. I was looking about cool stuff that I would like to play with, flavor, shape, color… those are pretty obvious. But then I thought about fun. About playing with the candy, and from there (and rocking chairs) came the idea to mix both to create a set of candies where each one would rock with its own personality… of course after a gentle push.

The journey (a week) was mostly focused on improving and practicing the whole idea of making-candy-process. Ideation, design, printing, cleaning, iteration…

The results, that you see in the video are from the first design. There was no iteration in the CAD file itself. All the work happened at the printer level. Not the most fun stuff, but really important to streamline and learn to make future projects easier. I have learned to sieve with a siever (avoiding sifters), the need for good cleaning tools, and how gentle things need to be!! A LOT!

Overall a good fun project as a to dust off my printing skills, and share during my Science Sandbox fellowship.

More coming soon 🙂

Rocking candy is fun, 3d food printing for life.