3DFP experience at Pier9

Pier 9

On August 1st 2015 I landed on San Francisco. I did not know much about what the next 6 months would mean to me, but there I was ready for a new adventure.

A few weeks before I got accepted to be an Artist in Residence for the 2015 fall cohort. Where? at Pier 9! A dream came true that was about to shake my whole life. In a month I wrapped up a life in Barcelona and I headed to San Francisco to keep pursuing the 3D food printing thug-life.

Little did I know what the Pier 9 is. Yes, a creative workshop with an incredible set of cool and expensive tools. That is probably the reason why I signed in. Sure I was so wrong. Pier 9 is the Willy-Wonka-factory-to-put-your-shit-together as a maker an understand whatever you are doing (for me). With a 3d printing lab, a cnc lab, a wood shop and a metal shop. Although the biggest asset of the place is the top notch community. People always ready to help and give A+ feedback.

Water jet parts

I brought a long list of projects I wanted to make. First thing I did was to ditch it. First two months were an exploration of tools. Getting lost learning a lot without much sense. That probed to be useful at the end. When some of those tools were mandatory for the stuff I made & I am more proud of.


At Pier 9 I used for the first time a laser cutter, a waterjet, a metal shop, a vacuum former, fancy 3d printers, a reflow oven, a professional kitchen, and for sure stuff that I can not even remember. I got introduced to fusion 360. A tool that has been helping me to discover many new things about how to design better (still learning lots every day, I am an newbie).


During MY-TIME I build Pinya3, tested different extruding mechanisms, test a few materials, build a few testing nozzles, printed with dots and probably printed too much hummus. I do not consider myself and exigent person. But taking into account the learning backpack that I am taking from my time there I am not very happy with the outcome. Still I know that way more new things will come just from the experience that I am taking with me.

3d printed hummus

Beyond all the things I learned or made. What I am more selfishly proud of my time at Pier 9 is how my 3d food printing vision has been formed. The importance of food. How to shape technology to make what we want and not the other way around. The importance to create the right experience to bridge the gap between people and 3DFP.

The POWER of 3DFP relies on the strong bond that connects people and food. Period.

I loved every single second that I spent at the Pier. All the ups and downs. I can not be thankful enough for all the support from every single person I met there and for the chance for share the same space. Thank you to all you. Shout out for the rest of amazing AiRs too.


Nothing of this could had been even close to possible without the support of my tremendous wife. With out her, nothing that is going on would be even possible!!!!! to her I owe everything! 감사합니다