3d printed meringue taste experience

More videos from our awesome trip in Germany. Always in a good mood this time we jump to try a new type of recipe. 3d printed meringue! How cool that sounds?? test it during the event turns into a super crunchy experience. Aram Avila, Jason Mosbrucker and Luis Rodriguez give you their honest, or at least tired opinion about them. Better take their work or try to taste by yourself during our next workshop!



Printing with Meringue?

Meringue is a dessert made with egg white  and sugar (simple version). It has interesting characteristics and lots of potential as a 3DFP material.

  1. It can fight gravity, meaning that by itself can hold its shape quite nicely
  2. After cooking gets a solid form. Even different states (pouching, baking, …)
  3. It’s not difficult to prepare (worst part is beating eggs)
  4. Tastes nice just by adding some vanilla extract 🙂
  5. Has glossy white color, meaning that adding colorant we can get almost any color easily!

So why not? lets give it a try!