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3D Food for Special dates App by David Vilella

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During the last 6 months we have been lucky enough to count on David Vilella Riera to explore and push forward our vision for 3DFP design apps.

With his contribution we have started walking through the generative design path for 3DFP. His work was focused on designing an interface that was intuitive and easy to use. Moreover capable of creating customized designs based on a simple date. All it takes to use it is to have a special date in mind, it then immediately creates a unique design for your special date. The design is unique for the date, this creates a intimate link between the designer (commensal) and the dish. A completely new personal dialogue with the dish we are about to eat.

From David Vilella about 3D Food for Special Dates:

My Experience in 3digitalcooks

Firstly i want to express my gratitude to Luis Rodríguez Alcalde and Jason Mosbrucker for introduce me the 3D food printing and to teach me the basic concepts in order to reach on my second App called “3D FOOD for special dates”. Also i want to remark how they had managed my learning process with very clear and simple examples. Moreover they left me the liberty to contribute with my own ideas to design  and to build this App.

Since this, let me introduce the main reason for 3DFOODforspecialdates:  Everyone remembers the date of something special: birthday, anniversary, the day you met that someone special, the first kiss… people want to celebrate them with special details.

Finally i want to say that i admire their enterprising initiative, and i wish them good luck on their lots of projects. All my work and learning process in 3digitalcooks is shared in my github repository  and in a google drive file.

Thanks a lot.

David Vilella

Feel free to explore and experiment with the app here: 3D Food for Special dated App. You can see Pinya 3 in action printing one of his generative designs!

David thank you very very much for all the effort and endless nights working with us. Getting to understand the amazing world of 3DFP! 3DC will be always your home we wish you the greatest best with your new adventures!!!