3d food printing conference 2018

And here it is again! The 3d food printing conference is coming back for the 4th year. Excited to see that and event exist to learn and summit the turns around on 3d food printing.

This year the event will happen the 28 of June at Villa Flora, Venlo The Netherlands.

The conference will be part of the 2nd edition of the global Agri-Food Innovation Event.

The event will include 4 conferences and a 2-day expo.
Day 1, June 27 – Healthy Nutrition Conference and Vertical Farming Conference
Day 2, June 28 – 3D Food Printing Conference and Smart Farming Conference

A great event to learn more about:

  • Technologies for 3D Food Printing
  • Ingredients for 3D Food Printing
  • Patent issues
  • Legal issues
  • Regulatory issues
  • Investment opportunities

Already confirmed as spearker Kjeld Van Bommel and Eshchar Ben Shitrit. More to come!

Curious about what happened in the past visit their archive. Want to stay updated on the 3d food printing conference news, subscrive to their social media channels.

I hope this year we would be there learning and sharing our passon on 3d food printing.

What 3D Food Printing is NOT

First of all, from now on 3D Food Printing transforms into #3DFP.

Sometimes through not knowing what something it is, eventually we get to what it is. But NOT for 3DFP.

What is 3D Food Printing? Easy. Food + 3D Printing.

3D Printing is a set of various processes that allow us to bring a 3 dimensions digital design into a real world object. 3DFP has same scope with the peculiarity that the result is edible. By edible we do not mean swallowing swords edible, we mean edible as any common sense food you will eat during your breakfast, lunch, meal or dinner.

That short different is at the same time gigantic. Why? because we are merging a disruptive technology, 3D Printing, with a human necessity, food. This exciting combination is going to be a game changer. My hand on fire for it. But at the same time, expectations and current technology state of the art tend to be really off. This creates a bad first impression for people that heard about 3DFP for the first time. People expect StarTrek replicators, they get churros.

Replicator from StarTrek

There is a fun fact behind the Start Trek thought. The Replicator is the kind of printer that we would accept as the first type or approach to 3DFP that would take chefs jobs. That being said, if 3D printing in general ever get there, there will be thousands of other jobs taken before chefs. So if you are a chef and you are scared of loosing your job because of 3DFP, don’t. Our bet is that flying cars are closer than Replicators.

Ok, we accept that current 3DFP are not Replicators. Then what they are? Lots of people that have seen and even used 3DFP answer saying that are like automatic pastry bags. Truth being said most of the existing 3DFP abuse a paste extruding mechanism that resembles at some point to a pastry bag. But that is just a type of technology used for 3DFP. Not 3DFP itself.

So 3DFP is not going to take chefs jobs, is not about printing pastes or purees. then What? For us 3D Food Printing is any of various processes or technologies that enables the design and creation of new experiences for food. And that is the simplest and THE reason why we are so hooked to 3DFP.

New 3dFoodPrinter: ByFlow

The other day chatting with Luis Fraguada he mentioned about some people from Maastricht Fablab printing food…and today randomly checking Maker Faire Rome makers I found them!

The  ByFlow printer made by Frits Hoff from FabLab Maastricht. Actually there is not much to say more than he is one of the masterminds behind the 3D chocolate printed globe.

If you are tomorrow around Maker Faire Rome make sure to attend to his talk. MORE INFO HERE.

Following a video from Fab10.


ByFlow ‘s  Twitter, Facebook and Website.