PERFORMANCE Project Final Conference

Friday 16 OCT 2015 will be the final conference in the 3 year long journey of the Performance Project.  The Performance Project is a consortium of many groups, funded by a few countries in the EU to help people in assisted living homes who are battling with swallowing and masticating difficulties.  They will also cover the ordering and logistics of the platform they’ve come up with to create a complete 3D food printing solution for these problems.

When I first heard about the Performance Project I was very excited and had to hear more.  Luckily the project was covered heavily at the 3D food printing conference by several of the participating organizations earlier in the year and we had a chance to talk with Pieter Debrauwer from TNO about it as well.

Performance Project Participants

There are many universities, research firms and companies involved in the project; here’s a short list:

We’ve met some of the people already and they definitely have the right people involved for this project.  You’ll notice that Print2Taste and Melanie Senger will be there as well as they were involved in the project through the Hochschule Weihenstephan.

Video Overview

We’re really looking forward to going to the Performance Project Final Conference and learning more about their research and how they’ve solved the issues of logistics and specific nutrient content.  I think anyone interested in #3DFP will be as well, can’t recommend it enough that you go and check it out.

It is too late to register to attend, but I’ll do my best live tweet-a-thon during the event and I’m hoping they’ll also records and release most of the Performance Project presentations and if we’re lucky maybe there’ll be a live stream!

Thanks for reading and have a great day,



Heading to San Francisco need your help!

Hi !

At 3DC we got accepted to join the Pier 9 Artist in Residence Program! Myself, Luis Rodriguez, will be staying in San Francisco for 4 months working on our favourite topic #3DFP aka 3d food printing or any food experience idea related to. Personally I am pretty excited about it.

But as always still plenty of things to figure out, I am calling out to anybody that could help me to figure out or find an affordable place to stay in San Francisco. In the range of an hour walk to Pier 9 (ideally), that goes for cheap budget. Cheap means < 800$ range.

If you know anybody there, or can offer some help to find a room, a bed or anywhere I can stay contact with me! I am open to any kind of creative way to make it happen, so hit me if you have any idea. If your idea is not accommodation related contact with me too!!

Thanks a lot, and if you are around San Francisco make sure to let me know so we can chat about our fav topic #3DFP.

Thanks a lot!

Hiroya Tanaka Laboratory

It is always exciting to discover new digital cooks around the world. At the Hiroya Tanaka Lab they are working on a 3D Food Printer using different processes to print. The one that got most attention, a few weeks ago, is their powder extruder.

But they also have been printing with air extrusion.

And… working on an Archimedes-screw like extruder.

Great to learn about new people working on 3D Food Printing. Hopefully more people will join us soon! What About you?

3D food printing at CES 2015

Cool cool cool mo ‘playas in the game! that is what digital cooks need!

This year 3D Systems showed there ChefJet series (available 1/2 2015) and also introduced their Hersheys collabo named CocoJet at CES 2015.

Shout out to Fabbaloo for this awesome pics. The heatsink pic is just sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

Still no sign of the infamous Digital Cook book, will have to wait until they send us our testing unit 😉

XYZ Printing also introduce their upcoming food printer. Best thing is the target priced between 500$ (cool) and 2000$ (not so cool). 3 Capsules with 50 to 100cc, 5″ screen, 200x150x150 mm…

At the end, and as usual, not enough info to truly know what those printers are capable off.

2015 is gonna be an awesome year!

Digital Recipe #4. Hamiltonian Bravas

A new digital recipe! Hamiltonian Bravas!

Mixing a traditional Spanish tapa with Hamiltonian paths. A Hamiltonian path example would be a trip visiting all the villages in a map, using a continues road that passes through all and never visit the same village twice!

So imagine that you are in Spain visiting everywhere, we are sure you could eat bravas everywhere, but not so sure about the unique road 😉


Let’s brave it up!


The development of a Colour 3D Food Printing System by Caleb Ian Millen

It is great when we found GREAT people over the world working on 3DFP. This time we discovered a masters thesis from Massey University, New Zealand.

The thesis title is The development of a Colour 3D Food Printing System by Caleb Ian Millen. It is around 110 pages, and definitely sets up the level into 3D food printing colour development, like two years ago! Too bad we did not find out about it before our tests 🙁

It is a nice introduction to 3D food printing exploring different techniques and methods, loving the discontinuous printing approach, and well referenced.

Digging a little bit deeper found some nice presentation by Richard Archer and his team.