Mixing colours 1st try

What a boring 1-color printing life. Le’ts try messing it up with some colours. Few printers has the ability to print with several material but most of them just use different heads for that matter. In today’s experiment we are mixing colours. There is a genius  section about mixing food at Caleb Millen master thesis (recommended reading).


Fig. Mixing nozzle prototype

Shall we start exploding things?


Marlin movement 101

Marlin is one of the most popular firmware that is in charge of managing your open source printer.

Not sure if you ever wonder how Marlin movement works, but if you did, I hope the following serie of posts will bring some light to have a better understanding.

Fig. Marlin by National Geographic

[Disclaimer] this is my marlin interpretation, I might be wrong so feel free to correct me if you find any mistakes.


Pinya2 : Air Extrusion

For Pinya2, I wanted to try a different extrusion approach: air extrusion. I have been playing with peristaltic extrusion, stepper driven syringe extrusion, …  so I ask myself why not to try air compressed extrusion. There is lots of comments regarding which one is better or worst. At the end I think is a matter of which method is more suitable for our application. Frostruder MK2, Baricuda, Unfold, Laser Lab Studio …  many people using it yet not much information available. But for sure an awesome starting point (at least for me). IMG_20140728_192929 (more…)

Inkjet printer tear down a part

Today it’s a nice day! I was dreaming about an open source 3d-foodinkjet-powder-bed-printer so i decide to tear down a part a printer i had around.

The idea is to build edible prints from powdered foods (i.e. sugar, salt, … ) and edible binders ( i.e. ¿?¿?).

I still have no idea how to do it, but i think is gonna be a fun trip! Powder deposition, inkjet head and software toolchain are the main parts. Luckily there is already great opensource projects out there that I can learn from!