BotBQ and 3DC partner up to pursue the divulgation of 3D Food Printing. We are working to bring to your town a 3d food printing workshop. Our goal is to help anybody with interest, curiosity or questions to get a rapid introduction to the world of 3DFP. With no previous experience required.

During the session you will learn and experience in first hand the basics of 3DFP.

The master class is divided into three main blocks presentation, demo and tasting.

Presentation will cover all you need to learn to understand what is 3DFP, what can be done, how does it work and where to start. Whether you are a chef, a maker or a designer we will provide the right information to understand your fit and start into 3DFP.

After that, a live demonstration of different printing techniques and recipes will allow you to get a first line experience on how 3d food printers work.

And to finish the event we will hold a 3DFP taste experience. There is no better way to understand food than trying it. Because at the end of the day 3DFP is simply all about food.

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3d printed hummus

3d printed hummus

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