Why a new 3d food printer?

It has been almost 4 years since the release of my last 3d food printer PINYA3. A lot has happened since then and an update felt obvious. But needed?

PINYA3 design criteria were:

  • Easy to clean
  • Kitchen compatible: print on a dish, small footprint
  • Fixed printing area

At the last minute, a fourth one slip in. Fast to build. Because I had a limited amount of time to build it while at Pier9.

Overall PINYA3 has been working hard since then, and despite the every-now-and-then hiccups, could not be happier with it. It enabled a lot of experimentation, with a fraction of the issues I used to have with the previous version. With this 3d food printer I have experimented with:

  • Up to 4 extruders printing at the same time
  • Air extrusion
  • Coaxial extrusion
  • Powder/liquid extrusion

My opinion is that:

the next step on 3d food printing is seamless multitool integration.

With that in mind here are the goals for my new 3d food printer:

  • Easy to use
  • Automatic multitool
  • Clean access to printing area
  • Easy to clean

Fun fact PINYA4 has been design on paper way before PINYA3 was build.

PINYA4 first draft

There are two main “specs” of my new 3d food printer that need a bit more of explanation.

“Easy to use”. Goal for PINYA4 is that more people (than myself) have access to it, and more importantly, FUN USING IT! Basically a low cost/access to the 3d food printer and easy to use tools (software and hardware).

I think i can tackle the first one, making a build-your-own-3d-food-printer-workshop and trying to keep price “within-sense”. The second one I feel is a bit more challenging due too the lack of 3d food printing design resources, specially for multitool printing. But one thing at the time.

First prototype of PINYA4 (already on the works) is dedicated to learn some of the new technical challenges including, welding, CNC, rotary delta, … Hopefully sooner than later first iteration will be up and running so we can start PINYA4’s potential.

If you made it all the way here, it means you are truly interested in 3d food printing, if you are in New York consider joining one of our workshop, for the rest of the world join our Patreon page for online classes!

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