3DIGITALCOOKS presents: 3D Food Printing Podcast Chapter 1!

We’re very excited to finally announce today is the day we’re launching something we feel is a very special  next step in the evolution of 3DC.. the 3D Food Printing Podcast – #3DFPod !!!

Last week we had a small private virtual listening party for the 3DC email subscribers and although it’s been hard to hold back we are very happy to let the rest of the world know about it.  You can download/subscribe to the 3D Food Printing Podcast Chapter 1 at the below links:

The inagural chapter in the #3DFPod serves as an intro to Luis and I and how we got involved in 3D food printing.

As usual we’d like your feedback on it as well as any ideas you think we should discuss/debate/share on the podcast.  Reach out to us about the podcast by sending us an email at “podcast (AT) 3digitalcooks (DOT) com” or use the hastag: ” #3DFPod ” whenn you share  or discuss the podcast on social media so we can find it.

Here is the first episode –

Thank you so much for you continued support!

3 thoughts on “3DIGITALCOOKS presents: 3D Food Printing Podcast Chapter 1!

  1. Sebastian says:

    Love this idea of listenting to a podcast about 3D Food Printing but I couldn’t find a simple download-button? I don’t use iTune and I really don’t want to create a SoundCloud account just for a simple download. I know I can stream the file but unfortunately I can’t do that on the way.

  2. Jason says:

    Hey Sebastian,

    Thanks for your comment! You’ve brought up a great point that we’ve overlooked so thank you for bringing it up. I’ll add the link to download the #3DFPod from now on in the post so you can download them individually. Here’s the link to Chapter 1: https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0Bz3553GNrx7rbVZGUFZ4eDN1VlU&export=download – Jason

  3. Sebastian says:

    Thanks a lot, Jason 🙂

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