Heading to San Francisco need your help!

Hi !

At 3DC we got accepted to join the Pier 9 Artist in Residence Program! Myself, Luis Rodriguez, will be staying in San Francisco for 4 months working on our favourite topic #3DFP aka 3d food printing or any food experience idea related to. Personally I am pretty excited about it.

But as always still plenty of things to figure out, I am calling out to anybody that could help me to figure out or find an affordable place to stay in San Francisco. In the range of an hour walk to Pier 9 (ideally), that goes for cheap budget. Cheap means < 800$ range.

If you know anybody there, or can offer some help to find a room, a bed or anywhere I can stay contact with me! I am open to any kind of creative way to make it happen, so hit me if you have any idea. If your idea is not accommodation related contact with me too!!

Thanks a lot, and if you are around San Francisco make sure to let me know so we can chat about our fav topic #3DFP.

Thanks a lot!

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