AEP: Air Extruder Parser

Air Extruder Parser (AEP) is a design tool that allows to take any regular slicer and convert a stepper extruder output into an air extruder on/off control.

What it does?

AEP goes through your gcode file, finds the points where the extruder is not printing and adds lines to control the air extruder on/off state and adds possible start or stop delays.


How to use?

Click on “select file” button, and browse for your GCode. Once selected the tool generates and downloads automatically the parsed GCode.


AE on and off  GCode commands can be edited for custom preferences. Also delays after on or off commands can be add to adapt to the properties of the material being printed.


This is a very simple tool, that does a simple job. We have been using it for our Lost chickpea casting experiments (coming soon). We are thinking on implementing a new feature that allows to decide how many millimetres we want the extruder stop printing before reaching a printing line. This is targeted to be used for materials tendency to ooze after AE Off, what do you think? it would be useful?


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