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Printing cookies day #6

Today a new war starts at 3DC 😉 We are not going to stop until we get a reliable 3d cookie dough that holds its shape once is cooked. Cookies 4 LIFE!!

We are going to start analysing our recipe to see what is the cause that makes our cookies to collapse in the oven.

But first lets learn more about what happens inside an oven baking cookies.

This are the ingredients of our first test cookie dough recipe:

  • Soft butter 250gr, confectionary sugar 250gr, 1 egg, flour 600gr and vanilla extract.

For our test we are going to be reducing the amount of ingridients to get less dough. 1/3.

  • Soft butter 84gr, confectionary sugar 84gr, 1/3 egg, flour 200gr and vanilla extract.

From all the ingredients butter is the one with lower melting point. And might be the reason why the cookie collapse. Probably not the only one. But the first that affects before the egg protein start tangling together giving more structural support, not sure if its enough, though. So first we are going to test a batch of cookies without butter.

Butter is approximately 16-17% water. Trying to balance the lack of butter’s water we are going to add a whole egg. Hoping the extra egg protein coagulation also helps holding the shape.

  • Confectionary sugar 84gr, 1 egg (57gr), flour 200gr, vanilla extract and salt 2gr.

To add extra toughness we are using bread making flour, hopefully the extra gluten will help too holding the shape. Also we are adding salt to strength the gluten network.

Ok. Lets prepare the dough and see the consistency.

After mixing for over 6 minutes the dough does not hold together (crumbles). Since we want to play safe instead of adding water, we are going to add and extra egg.

After the second egg the dough is too soft. Going to add flour one spoon at a time to get the right consistency. 5 spoons later the consistency is better. The dough is elastic but pretty hard.

Setting up to 6 bars the pressure, the extruder can not handle it at enough speed. TOO HARD. We frozen some samples and deepfried one of them it hold its shape properly. Taste more like a dense sweet bread. Another recipe would be needed to test this.

Even if the dough was to thick to print, we manually prepared some cookies to test the results in the oven.

First try. 180ºC for almost 20 minutes untils it was brown outside.

first cookie

first cookie result

Second try. 200ºC for 20 minutes. This one is more obvious that has collapsed, but did not had a complete base.

second cookie

second cookie

Second cookie result

Second cookie result

Cookie cut off

To us it feels almost like bread, with tough crust but with the sugar sweetness. Maybe we should try some bread. Maybe we sould try some breadsticks instead?

Another fail day and one day closer to the solution! More experiments coming soon!


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