Pre 3d food printing conference Meet up!

Meet up 3D Food Conference

Meet up 3D Food Conference

At BotBQ and 3DigitalCooks we are extremely excited for the upcoming 3D Food Printing Conference. Next tuesday will have the chance to meet 3d food printing experts from all over the world, exchange experience and learn from each other to help push 3DFP forward.

3D Food Printing Conference

3D Food Printing Conference

For that reason we are gathering together the day before to get to know each other in a more casual and relaxed way. Maybe some drinks, maybe some food, but for sure tons of great napkin ideas and fun. Meet us at the Venlo Hotel Bar.

For more details make sure to contact with us here, here, herehere or any of our social media link we will reply!

Is going to be a great conference lets make out the best out of it! We want to meet you  all!

4 thoughts on “Pre 3d food printing conference Meet up!

  1. Lucas says:

    very good idea, I asked also the organizers if we have this kind of meeting apart from the event day. So see you guys monday evening, I will be there around 8 p.m. It’s very good for me, a newbie to talk with you guys the experts 😉

  2. Hi Lucas! Is going to be great to meet there. I have change the time to 20.30 but definitely we will be there to chat and get to know each other. thank you for your comment!

  3. Lucas says:

    Thank Luis. In fact, I have just had a look for my trip, I arrive at Venlo station by 19:56, then time to come to Hotel and take room, I think I will be with you guys also by 20:30. It will be a very interesting time with brightful peoples. I will bring to you guys a thought about 4D food, for example you make delayed rainbow with ice and water.

  4. Great!Looking forward to meet you and hear your ideas!

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