Carving veggies

Happy New year 2015!

Carving veggies. For our upcoming recipe we wanted to carve instead of print. Being a different digital fabrication process we had to look at the differences and address each one separately.


Shall we carve?

This is our first approach to carve anything. We needed to adapt our hardware for it. First and most obvious thing was to look for a spindle. For that we choose a DC motor with a chuck that allow us to test different bits.

That was the easiest part, adapting Pinya2 hardware for carving. Some tweaks here and there and we were controlling the motor similarly to our air compressed extruder.

Having no previous experience milling or whatsoever. It is a little bit overwhelming the amount of tools and option available for it. Looking for the easiest tools we test Easel and GCodeTools pluguin for Inkscape. Shout out to Paul from Easel for contacting us and even implementing some features we were missing, thank you Paul!

Still we are undergoing through a learning process. So in between we wrote a simple carving tool for our upcoming #4 digital recipe. Hamiltonian paths.


  • We use magnets to hold the veggies in place.
  • 1000mm/min is a safe speed, 1500mm/min seems to work to.
  • Surface texture is peculiar, feeling the gripy of the cuts on the tongue is kind of co0ol and funny (mi gusta).
  • To have a nice definition for Hamiltonian paths, the ratio grid size and width size is important, having a 1:1 ratio is too small for the effect we are looking for. A ratio of 5:6  ~1:3 seems to work the best (tested with 25 grid, 70mm width).
  • Switched from carving bits to pcb cutting bits for better definition.

Pending – Experiments

  • Spreading mayo or ketchup on top of the carving path, some sort of serigrphy, adding a dramatic effect. Just tried once and was quite cool. Not easily achieved.
  • Using lemon juice as a cooling  antioxidation agent. It is been my obsession since day one.

Next week new Recipe!


  • Inkscape GCodeTools plug-in
  • Easel
  • Video tutorial GCodeTools Spanish
  • Tungsten health issues

3D Food Printing

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