3D food printing at CES 2015

Cool cool cool mo ‘playas in the game! that is what digital cooks need!

This year 3D Systems showed there ChefJet series (available 1/2 2015) and also introduced their Hersheys collabo named CocoJet at CES 2015.

Shout out to Fabbaloo for this awesome pics. The heatsink pic is just sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

Still no sign of the infamous Digital Cook book, will have to wait until they send us our testing unit 😉

XYZ Printing also introduce their upcoming food printer. Best thing is the target priced between 500$ (cool) and 2000$ (not so cool). 3 Capsules with 50 to 100cc, 5″ screen, 200x150x150 mm…

At the end, and as usual, not enough info to truly know what those printers are capable off.

2015 is gonna be an awesome year!

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