ChefJet™ 3D Printer Series

Well, here it is! The day that digital cooks were waiting for (sort of)! During CES 2014 3D systems has unveiled their new food printer series. But better than me, lets listen to Kyle, Liz and Avi explain about it HERE.

Also If you want to see a short preview of how it works inside HERE.

And a cool post about it with some history tips about The Sugar Lab HERE.

And… If you leave any near to LA and want to buy some The Sugar Lab candies HERE.

Extract form the press release:

  • 3D printing gets sweeter with kitchen-ready printers, NSF and UL certified
  • Monochrome, countertop ChefJet and full-color ChefJet Pro
  • Pastry Chef’s must have companion in bakery shops, restaurants and events
  • Equipped with intuitive, easy to use, chef-friendly Digital Cookbook software

My personal opinion in 3lines:

Great to see the first printer, known, getting certificates as a kitchen ready “device”. I would love to had more information about the Digital Cookbook since I do believe is the key part bridging cooking and 3d printing. And happy to see such an amazing devices with awesome results!

The price mainly bothers me because is out of my league!

Avi if you read this send me one 😉

All pictures belongs to 3D systems and I friendly took them from 🙂

The question is, who will be next?

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