3D printed culinary menu of the future by TNO

3D printed culinary menu of the future

At the 2013 Food Inspiration Days, held 21 and 22 October in Eindhoven, TNO presented a range of high quality, delicious dishes made using advanced 3D food printing techniques. To prepare the dishes, TNO employees worked closely together with students from the Netherlands’ top culinary institute – the Cas Spijkers Academy.

The collaboration with the academy, where the Michelin-starred chefs of the future are being trained, arose from TNO’s successful participation in last year’s Food Inspiration Days event, where its live demonstration of food printing, following by a taste session, was received with tremendous enthusiasm. Michelin 3-starred chef Sergio Herman commented that the “work looked very impressive, but that flavors could be improved.”

For this year’s presentation, TNO took Sergio Herman’s advice to heart and teamed up with the Cas Spijkers Academy. In a number of workshops and cooking sessions the students together with TNO developed a number of delicious, high quality dishes, in which 3D printing played a key role.

TNO Faberge egg - table

 Fig. 1 Culinary menu of the future table, TNO

The menu comprised three dishes:

starter: “Fabergé egg”

TNO Faberge egg - close up

 Fig. 2 Fabergé egg, TNO

TNO Faberge egg - open

 Fig. 3 Fabergé egg, TNO

A printed Fabergé egg of a Pedro Ximénez and yuzu flavored meringue filled with (animal friendly) foie gras mousse and a “yolk” of cuba libre.

main: “Autumn”

TNO Autumn - Truffle - grating

Fig. 3 Autumn, TNO

TNO Autumn - Truffle with plaice and foie gras

Fig. 4 Autumn, TNO

TNO Autumn - Truffle with plaice and foie gras-2

Fig. 5 Autumn, TNO

Plaice served with (animal friendly) pâté de foie gras on a slice of toasted brioche bread and autumn mushrooms. The dish is served with a printed, hollow truffle composed of cocoa butter and milled cèpes powder, filled with a truffle vinaigrette. The truffle is grated over the dish, resulting in a coating of the dish with the truffle powder and ultimately the truffle vinaigrette.

dessert: “Masterpiece”

TNO Masterpiece - portrait in creme patissier on palette

Fig. 6 Masterpiece, TNO

TNO Masterpiece  - portrait in creme patissier

Fig. 7 Masterpiece, TNO

TNO Masterpiece - overview

Fig. 8 Masterpiece, TNO

An artist’s palette decorated with a portrait of Dutch top chef Cas Spijkers printed in crème pâtissière and accompanied by “paint blobs” of small desserts from the repertoire of Cas Spijkers.

Text and Pictures by TNO.

3 thoughts on “3D printed culinary menu of the future by TNO

  1. Vic says:

    This is dumb. Culinary food is, has, and I’m willing to bet will always be about carefully handcrafted food, cooked to perfection – not something pre-cooked extruded into funny shapes.

    Also, that last picture is so pretentious that I just want to fall through the floor. Boo!

  2. Thanks for the comment Vic!
    I think the biggest missconception about printed food nowadays is actually the food itself. I am pretty sure knowing where this menu its been done, they used top quality and fresh ingredients. The only different is the way its shaped.

    Actually I share your point of view, if food printers are gonna be used to lower the quality of what we eat, better to destroy them all. But so far, luckily, most of people I met they are “cooking” with great ingredients. At the end its just a new tool, what makes it good or bad is the way we use it.

  3. This food is hand-crafted, with a mouse!

    Of course food is something that has evolved so much, and this is just another phase of the evolution of food.

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