Spice Bites by TNO

TNO Spice Bytes 1

These spice bites, small cookies, are composed of flour, sugar and fat and in addition each of them has a specific spice added to them.

  • Curry cube
  • Cinnamon cylinder
  • Paprika pyramid
  • Pepernoot pentagon (= “peppernut”, a small, spiced Dutch cookie)

In addition the curry cube also has some milled freeze-dried mealworms added to it, to show that also “alternative ingredients” such as mealworms can be used.

These food products were made in an internal TNO project aimed at investigating the possibilities for the 3D printing of food. The objects were made by means of the so called SLS process (Selective Laser Sintering), one of the 3D printing processes we are investigating. In this process a layer of powder (here the mixture of food ingredients) is treated in specific spots (one slice of the 3D shape) with an infrared laser that heats the material, thus resulting in the fusing together of the powder as a result of the melting of the fat and sugar. In other words, the laser treated spots are baked by the laser. Another layer of powder is put on top and the process is repeated layer after layer, each time projecting the next slice of the 3D shape with the laser, resulting in the complete 3D cookie or snack.

Afterwards, this object, which is already completely baked, can be removed from the remaining loose powder (which was not treated by the laser and which can be reused).

Recipe by Kjeld van Bommel, TNO.

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