Marlin Planner 101

This is a new post about FW movement, specifically, about Marlin planner.

“THE PLANNER  buffers movement commands and manages the acceleration profile plan”

For me its easier to understand the planner as a black box that translates movement commands into the DESIRED movement profile that motors understand.

The goal of the planner is to maximize the speed profile between all the GCode movement making sure we only have one constant acceleration for all the speed movement profiles. This ensure that our printer moves as fast as is possible within the kinematic constant constrains (ACCELERATION and JERK @Configuration).

Fig. By


Marlin movement 101

Marlin is one of the most popular firmware that is in charge of managing your open source printer.

Not sure if you ever wonder how Marlin movement works, but if you did, I hope the following serie of posts will bring some light to have a better understanding.

Fig. Marlin by National Geographic

[Disclaimer] this is my marlin interpretation, I might be wrong so feel free to correct me if you find any mistakes.