3D Food Printing Podcast Ch. 4 – 3DFP Predictions for 2016

The story of 3D Food Printing continues.  This time in Chapter 4 of the 3D Food Printing Podcast: Predictions for 3DFP in 2016

Predictions are fun to do and even though Nostrodomis is a really awesome name.. Luis and I don’t have a crystal ball or a time travelling machine (as far as you know…), but there are some things evolving swiftly in the world of 3D food printing that we feel will at least be announced in this great year of 2016.

Here’s a quick preview of the fourth chapter of the #3DFPod:

  • We explore a new section for the #3DFPod
  • 3DFP crowdfunding successes delivering!
  • 3D Food Printing Conference talk
  • 3D Food Printing predictions for 2016

As usual, here are the links and the stream for Chapter 4 of the #3DFPod:


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New 3D Food Printing Kickstarters….

We’re always happy when we see somebody take the leap into 3D food printing!

On that note we want to let you know that there are two brand-spanking new 3D food printing crowdfunding campaigns that use/will use/want to use 3DFP as a new business.  We have made contact with Martin from SCOFF3D and it looks like we will be in touch very soon.

Here is a very brief rundown and a link for you to check them out for yourself.  Please be aware that crowdfunding campaigns are a little risky as most people are still in the concept phase of their idea when they launch these.  I’m pretty positive that the 3DC community knows that there has been VERY little succes for 3DFP in crowdfunding so make sure to do your due-dilligence before backing any crowdfunding campaign, 3DFP or not.


SCOFF3D’s crowdfunding capaign looks to build a 3D food printing cafe, catering service and 3DFPr rentals.  The rewards note that there isn’t anything involving actual 3DFP until about the 1K GBP mark where you’ll get a “3D printed edible treat” delivery.  We have been in contact with Martin Furze who is running the campaign and he seems pretty eager to talk with us so we are excited to dive in more to thie crowdfunding campaign with him.

SmartFood 3D Printing

SmartFood 3D Printing

This 3D food printing crowdfunding campaign is from Go Ahead Digital Agency and from what I can tell it is to help them build a 3DFPr so they can print Belgian Choco for their clients or for peolple to buy as promo items.  The 3DFP reward kicks in at 50GBP and it gets you a 3cm tall(?) choco print.  I haven’t had contact with them so hopefully we’ll hear from them soon and can learn about them some more also.

Any we missed?

Have you heard about any 3DFP crowdfunding campaigns out there that have snuck through the cracks?  Reach out to us on social media or contact us and let us know!