3D Food Printing Conference

Next April 21st at Innovatoren in Venlo-Netherlands, the first edition of the 3D food Printing Conference will be held.

Over ten conferences by experts from all over the world will help to discuss and bring 3d food printing from hype to reality. A great event to find out the current status of 3d food printing from key players and hopefully to taste some delicious samples.

Here it is a list of the talks and speakers that we will be able to see during the 1-day event:

  • Jelle Groot, Food & Agribusiness Research and Advisory, Rabobank International
  • Medical technology to produce beef. Professor Mark J. Post, Maastricht University
  • Industrial food processing with 2D+ printing. Pascal de Grood, CEO, Foodjet
  • 3D food printing in catering and gastronomy. Professor Thomas Lötzbeyer, Applied Science Weihenstephan Triesdorf / Print2Taste
  • When will we 3D print our food?. Luis Fraguada, Robots In Gastronomy
  • The EU project, PERFORMANCE, personalised food using rapid manufacturing for the nutrition of elderly consumers. Pieter Debrauwer, TNO
  • 3D Food Printing, a device of choice inside the smart kitchen experience to improve the culinary practice for nutrition and pleasure. Dr. Dorothée Goffin, Directrice Smart Gastronomy Lab, University of Liège
  • Food printing: opportunities in long term care?. Professor Luc de Witte, Technology in Care, Maastricht University / Hogeschool Zuyd
  • Personalised food concepts and the future of food production. Melanie SengerUniversity of applied science Weihenstephan Triesdorf
  • Science and principles of food printing. Jeffrey Lipton, Research, Cornell University / Seraph Robotics
  • Experiences with 3D food printing. Frits Hoff, Chairman Board Fablab Benelux and Fablab Maastricht

Thanks a lot to the 3D Food Printing conference for offering us a pass to the conference. We will try to deliver to all you a true insight of what happens there!