4 human challenges for 3D food printing

Quite a few times we’ve  been asked about the challenges currently facing 3D Food Printing (3DFP).  In order to address some of these issues, we introduce our thoughts about the 4 human challenges for 3D food printing  in the near future.

Star Trek effect

The Replicator from Star Trek is a great concept that is truley mindblowing, but also a very misleading concept. There is a large amount of people that mentally visualize 3DFP as the infamous Star Trek Replicator or that it  should be.

3DFP as we know it today, and probably for a few years, is nothing more than a new kitchen tool (an awesome one) that can explore new creative ways for cooking. Understanding the difference, specifically for Chefs and cooks, will help to embrace this technology at a faster pace for the right use.

Fig. Star Trek Replicator from