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Manuel Gentili on 3D Food Printing Bussiness Development

Time to time we get some cool emails from people whom, like us, is interested in 3D Food Printing. This time Manuel Gentili give us his thoughts on 3d food printing bussiness development. What is you opinion?

Hi Luis,

first of all thank you for your time, surely your opinion will help me.
In a nutshell, both in B2B and in B2C, 3DFP could be a profitable business. Chef, confectioners and makers at the moment represents the target for the companies, the early adopters of the technology in the food field. New products and services can arise around food printing, think about the sales of cartridges or shops that sales takeaway food. But nowadays, in my opinion, firms have to focus on understanding the needs that can leads to a mass adoption, obviously technology will improve but without a need to supply there is not market. I believe that customization is not enough. 
The current threats are represented in a lack of knowledge of future competitors; in a market not well defined and specially in future laws that may counteract new business. Sustainability of the business is also important, nowadays every business must be sustainable to survive in the market and sustainability can also generate economic benefits. Food and bioprinting could represent a great challenge in the current context, with scarcity of resource and population growth. Internet will provide a great help to 3DFP; companies could use it to create awareness, to promote and sales their product and to develop the CRM strategy.
So I think that the B2B sector is more attractive than B2C, but certainly 3D printing is revolutionizing many areas and the same will happen in food industry.
That is all.