3DFPod Ch. 8: 2016 3D Food Printing Conference Preview

Let’s start this off right.. with a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

I’ll (Jason – @BotBQ) be at the 3D Food Printing Conference next week.. unfortunately Luis (@3DIGITALCOOKS) won’t be ūüôĀ ¬†… AND we made a #3DFPod chapter¬†about it where we briefly go over¬†last year’s 3DFPconf, what we’re looking forward to this year and some of the exciting things you’ll run into if you’re going to the 3DFPconf this year.

Highlights of 3DFPod Ch. 8: 2016 3D Food Printing Conference Preview

  • 3DIGITALCOOKS pre-3DFPconf meetup the night before
  • What are my plans while at the event
  • Why you should find me (Jason) at the event
  • What you can expect from 3DIGITALCOOKS presence at the event
  • 3DFPconf Program highlights
  • 3DChef exhibit

Here are the links to get to Chapter 8 of the 3DFPod:

Hope to see some of your there!


You’re Invited: pre-3D Food Printing Conference MEETUP!

It’s that time of year again.. 3D Food Printing Conference time! ¬†Unfortunately Luis will not be joining us this year ūüôĀ ¬†but I’ll be there repping 3DC to the fullest!

Let’s start the couple days we have together off right.. geeking out over 3DFP with some beers. ¬†Same place, same time (I believe) as last year.

  • WHEN: 11 April 2016 @ 2000 (8pm)-ish
  • WHERE:¬†The Bar @ Van der Valk Hotel Venlo
  • WHY: To share stories and break the ice before the 3D Food Printing Conference the next day

Here is the link to the event on Google+:

And here’s a handy embeded map

Hope to see you there!


3DC Instructables Roundup pt 2

Water Chocolate Mousse

Using a recipe from¬†Herv√© This¬†and “accidentally” printing the AirBnb logo… was an experience Luis shared through Instructables using¬†Chocolate Mousse. ¬†It is actually a lot of fun to print with and builds anticipation with every layer. ¬†As you can see from the vid below.. which is a print made from a design app created by Jaime ¬†ūüôā

Pinya3: a 3D food printing platform release

I think we all understand at this point in the evolution of 3DFP that if you want to print food your are most likely going to have to make your own hardware and sometimes software as well.  Luis has created and released the Pinya3: a 3D food printing platform to make your entry into 3DFP so much easier.  This printer was designed with the kitchen in mind; from the stainless steel parts to the actual size of the device as it was meant to fit under the cabinets on your kitchen counter.

Cartridge Extruder

You can’t 3D print food without an extruder can you? 3DIGITALCOOKS is really focused on you getting your 3DFP aspirations or ideas going.. and the Cartridge extruder on Instructables is one way that WILL help you get to the point where you can start working on prototypes of your food experiemnt. ¬†Go check it, build your own and share your experience with us.

3DC Instructables Roundup pt 1

In this 3 part series we’ll be sharing some of Luis’ 3D food printing experiments that were posted on Instructables as part of his Artist in Residency at Autodesk Pier 9. ¬†All are about 3D food printing and to be shared and used to hopefully get people involved in 3DFP. ¬†What good is 3D printed food if it can’t be shared? So here we go…

Heated Nozzle

Working with heated nozzles and 3DFP is something that presents a challenge. ¬†Many things to think about and lots of different variables come into play when working with heat and food printing. ¬†This isn’t your Momma’s food extruder (although if your mom is printing food with heated extruders then that is really, really awesome!). ¬†The Instructable is unique in that Luis broke down his process for machining the tool and it’s worth a read if you’re thinking about working with heat and 3DFP but even more since you’ll likely have to build your own tool for this as well.

Lucky Hummus Experience

You probably remember something similar to the Lucky Hummus Experience from a while back on 3DC. This Instructable is unique because Luis explains some intimate thoughts: 

Building 3d food printers is one thing. Using them another. Engaging people to understand, relate and experience them a completely different one.

This is the goal of this first 3d food printing experience for Pinya3. Trigger people imagination and start a dialogue around 3d food printing.

He breaks down the steps to take to have your own lucky hummus experience, to include reminding us to NEVER FORGET TO SIEVE!!!  (While at Pier 9 I did my best to master a sieving technique and it is much harder than it sounds) If you want to create your own shapes like the lucky four leaf clover then feel free to use the Roses App here on the site on the 3d food printing design tools page.

Testing food for 3D food printing


One of the most fun aspects of 3DFP is playing with the food! ¬†To make it sound more official and a tad professional then we call it “testing”….. ¬†Actually that’s just me. ¬†In all seriousness, we as a community of 3DFPr’s won’t be able to advance the technology unless we keep testing and documenting how different foods function with 3D food printing; if they even work, how they react, viscocity, does the taste change, etc.. etc..

That is the thought behind the Instructables: Testing food for 3D food printing, to share how different foods are working with 3DFP.

The foods Luis worked with in this Instructable:

  • Lucerne Cream Cheese with Chive & Onions
  • Posh Bagel Cream Cheese
  • Artichoke Spinach Hummus
  • Water and Xanthan Gum
  • Jelll-O
  • Greek Yogurt

Stay Tuned...

As mentioned this will be a 3 part series so come back again soon and subscribe to our mailing list below as well so we can let you know when we make some breakthroughs or need some feedback from you on our projects.

New 3D Food Printing Kickstarters….

We’re always happy when we see somebody take the leap into 3D food printing!

On that note we want to let you know that there are two brand-spanking new 3D food printing crowdfunding campaigns that use/will use/want to use 3DFP as a new business.  We have made contact with Martin from SCOFF3D and it looks like we will be in touch very soon.

Here is a very brief rundown and a link for you to check them out for yourself. ¬†Please be aware that crowdfunding campaigns are a little risky as most people are still in the concept phase of their idea when they launch these. ¬†I’m pretty positive that the 3DC community knows that there has been VERY little succes for 3DFP in crowdfunding so make sure to do your due-dilligence before backing any crowdfunding campaign, 3DFP or not.


SCOFF3D’s crowdfunding capaign looks to build a 3D food printing cafe, catering service and 3DFPr rentals. ¬†The rewards note that there isn’t anything involving actual 3DFP until about the 1K GBP mark where you’ll get a “3D printed edible treat” delivery. ¬†We have been in contact with Martin Furze who is running the campaign and he seems pretty eager to talk with us so we are excited to dive in more to thie crowdfunding campaign with him.

SmartFood 3D Printing

SmartFood 3D Printing

This 3D food printing crowdfunding campaign is from Go Ahead¬†Digital Agency¬†and from what I can tell it is to help them build a 3DFPr so they can print Belgian Choco for their clients or for peolple to buy as promo items. ¬†The 3DFP reward kicks in at 50GBP and it gets you a 3cm tall(?) choco print. ¬†I haven’t had contact with them so hopefully we’ll hear from them soon and can learn about them some more also.

Any we missed?

Have you heard about any 3DFP crowdfunding campaigns out there that have snuck through the cracks?  Reach out to us on social media or contact us and let us know!

3D Food Printing Roadtrip: Inside 3DS Culinary Lab

A true 3D food printing roadtrip through California would NOT be complete without going to the 3D Systems Culinary Lab in LA.; it was really something months in the making and a dream come true!

We took a TON of pics and that is mainly what I’d like to share so you can get feel for just how awesome the space that Kyle and the team have there. ¬†So in preperation, go get a rag to clean up the drool your about to spill on your keyboard and enjoy all the sweet 3D food printing goodness!

If you’re not familiar with the 3DSystems Culinary Lab, go ahead and check out their spring 2015 vid I’ve embeded below before proceeding so you can get a feel of what your getting into…



Entrance and Entry to the Culinary Lab

Firstly the building has an auora about it even when you see it that something special is going on inside.  Once you decide to go from creeping through the huge open windows and step inside the 3D food printing 3D Systems Culinary Lab in the world you realize that you really underestimated just how special this place was going to be.

When you walk in you blasted by some more glass a few meters in front of you, this time walls that encase the ChefJet(s), a staircase that looks like it belongs in the Lourve to your left and to the right is a beautiful display area and fully furnished kitchen. There are mind-blowing 3D printed pieces all evolved from ideas around food, the eating/dining experience and just beauty well.  Of course every piece was exciting to see and feel and if I could recommend something that I was drawn to were the knife and the platter.

You will recognize some of the prints from the collaboration with Modernist Cuisine for the event with Ferran Adri√† (I’ve included the vid so you can see those if you haven’t already)

Upstairs Office & ChefJet Area

The upstairs of the Culinary Lab is where you might say the real magic happens… by some real wizards and a secret weapon! ¬†Some of the stuff they are working on is really forward thinking, but what is really cool is that they are really working with top chefs and exploring the techology with others, which is why we are so fond of them.. we want to help people explore it and learn more and come up with their own ideas of what 3D food printing can become. ¬†Once upstairs you can dig into the staircase and you notice that the railing is also a seating area and is made up of multiple materials with a very modern architecture touch.

You can go right up to the glass housing of the area where the ChefJets are and monitor evertything, or just stare at them for a while as you day dream. Everything in this whole place is meticulously thought out.. every detail.  Also upstairs are early sketches of some of the display prints as well.

Once you get your chance to go near the ChefJets, hold back the urge to pull up the truck and load one up as I did.. You aren’t going to get your hands on one any time soon… ¬† They are also super detailed just like everything else, down to the way the binder is displayed on the machines (the differnet colored liquid you see sticking up out the back of the ChefJets. ¬†There was some of the Wasabi Eggs from¬†the opening event of the Culinary Lab and also some of the famous Raspberry geometry treats that Luis and I were able to taste on our 2nd 3D Printed Food tasting vid (you can watch it at the end of the post).

The 3D Systems Culinary Lab X¬†Hershey’s CocoJet Collab¬†also makes a cameo appearance as well inside the glass house. ¬†The feeling in this place isn’t like just hammering out your next 3DFP ideas in your sketchbook (more about sketchbooks later) while on the train or in your workspace in your basement.. It is a total inviting area that inspires you to do something.. do it well.. and do it like it hasn’t been done before. ¬† Because chances are it hasn’t!¬†

Thank you to Kyle and the Culinary Lab!

This really wouldn’t have happened if Kyle and Liz wouldn’t have been so cool from the beginning. ¬†We’d been anticipating the opening of the Culinary Lab for months and it was a very special couple hours for us to spend with him; just being in the building that will have a big impact on the future of what we do at 3DIGITALCOOKS would’ve been enough but talking with Kyle and the “secret weapon” was so inspiring and helpful for us that it was a really memorable moment for us. ¬†If you get a chance to get a viewing, or can attend on of the Culinary Lab events, do it!

Hope you enjoyed this e-tour of the Culinary Lab; heres the 3D Printed Food tasting #2 from inside I mentioned earlier in the post.



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3DFP Roadtrip 2015 Series: PancakeBot Private Viewing

We ‚̧¬†PancakeBot!

If you’ve been following the digital cooking world as of late¬†you should be more than aware of Miguel and his awesome PancakeBot, and¬†¬†if you’re a backer of the Kickstarter campaign earlier in the year then you should be salivating right about now because the news just dropped that it will be shipping your way soon!

We couldn’t wait …

Of course we reached out to Miguel before our 3D Food Printing Roadtrip to see if he was even going to be in town and to co-ordinate.  We tried to make it work and time everything as good as we could, but it almost didn’t happen.  

On to San Diego…

We‚Äôd just cleaned up after¬†getting our minds blown at the Culinary Lab and went to catch our breath and have a banana at a nearby Safeway parking lot when Luis looked at me and said ‚ÄúShould we call Miguel?‚ÄĚ and after a little pros and cons of the traffic situation during rush hour around the Los Angeles area we each took a step back, simultaneously jumped in the air and high-fived while yelling YOLO! (It was a sight to be seen.. hopefully by nobody else.. ever…) ¬†

We jumped back in the Camaro and hit the road…. as far as we could before our first stau (traffic jam) which took all of about 5 minutes to get stuck in.

After about 3+ hours (normally about a 1 hour trip) and memorizing Drake’s Hotline Bling (after the 65th play in that timeframe) we finally came to the almost-bottom of the west coast, San Diego, found PancakeBot HQ, hugs and handshakes with Miguel and family and then straight into a hardcore geeking out session about the PancakeBot.

Finally getting the chance to meet in-person the inspiration behind the food printing wonder, Lily (his daughter) and meeting the rest of Miguel’s beautiful and awesome family (HUGE shout out and THANK YOU to his wife Runi for having us over) Earlier in the year Luis and I had the opportunity for an exclusive first look at the PancakeBot when we had Miguel on our 3D Food Printing Experts of the World Video Interview Series, check out that interview here: 3DFP VI#3 РPancakeBot Creator Miguel Valenzuela

Thank you to the Valenzuelas

Thank you again to Runi, Miguel and the whole family for inviting and accepting us in as if we we’re one of them!

Jason + Luis

3D Printed Food Tasting #2 – Culinary Lab

If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is there to hear it.. does it make a sound?

When a Raspberry…

is in the form of a hollow dodecahedron with an unrecognizable different texture… is it still a raspberry?

Ok, times up.. enough thinking.. whatever answer you gave… umm.. then you still need to experience it! The 12 sided raspberry I mean, you¬†can come back in a few years after some heavy meditation and give us¬†your¬†answer to the first question. ¬†For the second question you’ll never know what to respond¬†until you’ve taken the trek down to Melrose Ave. in LA¬†and experienced it¬†for yourself.

Wanna see inside the Culinary Lab?

We’ve got a post coming up soon that will go into¬†all the things we did on the 3DFP roadtrip and cover¬†with lots of pics and some more vids about the Culinary Lab. ¬†The best way to get updated as soon as we post it is joining our growing community and sign up to recieve news from us in your inbox. ¬†Enter your email in the box below to get updated as soon as we post about it!

You could be lucky enough to catch Kyle and his team (including the Secret Weapon!) at one of the events they travel around to as well but if you have the opportunity to goto one of the upcoming events at the Culinary Lab you should do everything in your power to make it there to see the craftsmanship and thoughtfulness that went into¬†it. ¬†For us the visit was like a dream come true. ¬†First we finally got to shake hands and sit down with one of the pioneers in 3D food printing¬†and meet the¬†“Secret Weapon” (NOTE: when we refer to “Secret Weapon” you should visualize¬†him as a superhero).


Here’s the video of Luis in our 3D Printed Food Tasting Session #2 with the Kyle von Hasseln from the Culinary Lab, enjoy!

PERFORMANCE Project Final Conference

Friday 16 OCT 2015 will be the final conference¬†in the 3 year long journey of the Performance Project. ¬†The Performance Project is a consortium of many groups, funded by a few countries in the EU to help people in assisted living homes who are battling with swallowing and masticating difficulties. ¬†They will also cover the ordering and logistics of the platform they’ve come up with to create a complete 3D food printing solution for these problems.

When I first heard about the Performance Project I was very excited and had to hear more.  Luckily the project was covered heavily at the 3D food printing conference by several of the participating organizations earlier in the year and we had a chance to talk with Pieter Debrauwer from TNO about it as well.

Performance Project Participants

There are many universities, research firms and companies involved in the project; here’s a short list:

We’ve met some of the people already and they definitely have the right people involved for this project. ¬†You’ll notice that Print2Taste and Melanie Senger will be there as well as they were involved in the project through the Hochschule Weihenstephan.

Video Overview

We’re really looking forward to going to the Performance Project Final Conference¬†and learning more about their research and¬†how they’ve solved the issues of logistics and specific nutrient content. ¬†I think anyone interested in #3DFP will be as well, can’t recommend it enough that you go and check it out.

It is too late to register to attend, but I’ll do my best live tweet-a-thon during the event and I’m hoping they’ll also records and release¬†most of the Performance Project presentations and if we’re lucky maybe there’ll be a live stream!

Thanks for reading and have a great day,



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