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Daniel Wilkens has a message in a cake

During our awesome time at Messe Erfurt, we got the chance to meet (again for Jason) (first time for Luis) with Daniel Wilkens. Daniel is the mastermind behind message in a cake. A one of of a kind creator that put together a printer to print not just cakes. But cakes that has hidden messages!! Please watch the whole video, and specially last part when Jason cuts the cake and you get to “experience” the surprise from what stays secretly in the cake.

Make sure to visit Daniel’s personal website, and of course the one for the project to.

We wish him the best of the best lucks.

Hope to meet you soon again buddy!

3DFP Roadtrip 2015 Series: PancakeBot Private Viewing

We ❤ PancakeBot!

If you’ve been following the digital cooking world as of late you should be more than aware of Miguel and his awesome PancakeBot, and  if you’re a backer of the Kickstarter campaign earlier in the year then you should be salivating right about now because the news just dropped that it will be shipping your way soon!

We couldn’t wait …

Of course we reached out to Miguel before our 3D Food Printing Roadtrip to see if he was even going to be in town and to co-ordinate.  We tried to make it work and time everything as good as we could, but it almost didn’t happen.  

On to San Diego…

We’d just cleaned up after getting our minds blown at the Culinary Lab and went to catch our breath and have a banana at a nearby Safeway parking lot when Luis looked at me and said “Should we call Miguel?” and after a little pros and cons of the traffic situation during rush hour around the Los Angeles area we each took a step back, simultaneously jumped in the air and high-fived while yelling YOLO! (It was a sight to be seen.. hopefully by nobody else.. ever…)  

We jumped back in the Camaro and hit the road…. as far as we could before our first stau (traffic jam) which took all of about 5 minutes to get stuck in.

After about 3+ hours (normally about a 1 hour trip) and memorizing Drake’s Hotline Bling (after the 65th play in that timeframe) we finally came to the almost-bottom of the west coast, San Diego, found PancakeBot HQ, hugs and handshakes with Miguel and family and then straight into a hardcore geeking out session about the PancakeBot.

Finally getting the chance to meet in-person the inspiration behind the food printing wonder, Lily (his daughter) and meeting the rest of Miguel’s beautiful and awesome family (HUGE shout out and THANK YOU to his wife Runi for having us over) Earlier in the year Luis and I had the opportunity for an exclusive first look at the PancakeBot when we had Miguel on our 3D Food Printing Experts of the World Video Interview Series, check out that interview here: 3DFP VI#3 – PancakeBot Creator Miguel Valenzuela

Thank you to the Valenzuelas

Thank you again to Runi, Miguel and the whole family for inviting and accepting us in as if we we’re one of them!

Jason + Luis

VI#4: Interview with Melt Icepops

It is always a great time when we get the chance to listen to peoples passion and work.

Having been following them for a while it was great to hear and learn more about Melt Icepops. Learning, researching, testing, scaling up,… they are simple on fire. Worthy to keep on eye on. Probably one of the first (and coolest) custom experience food design companies out there taking advantage of 3d printing.

VI#4: Interview with Jeffrey Lipton

BotBQ and 3DigitalCooks video interviews serial is back! This time we got the honour to share almost and hour interview with Jeffrey Lipton from Seraph Robotics and Cornell University.

Jeffrey is being involved in 3DFP for a few years already as part of the Fab@Home‘s team, getting the chance to work with great chefs as Dave Arnold and seeing one of their printers feeding employees @Google’s HQs. Lots to learn from him.

Hope you all enjoy!

Interview: Eva and Leonie from Melt Icepops

A new interview @3DC, this time with the masterminds behind MELT Icepops Eva Rennen and Leonie Smelt. Thanks a lot for the interview, we know you are busy with the new office 🙂

Enjoy 🙂

Pic. By MELT Icepops

1. Could you please introduce yourselves.

MELT icepops is an Amsterdam based start-up, founded to reinvent the icepop in every way possible. No longer boring icepops! We can design and make any shape and flavor icepop imaginable.

2. What is Melt Icepops?

We Eva and Leonie started Melt Icepops almost three years ago, because we believe that food should be more than just tasty and nutritious.  And that especially icepops, could be a lot more than just a rectangular or conic shape on a stick.

Pic. By MELT Icepops

3. How did you started using 3d printers for your creations?

Because we wanted to be able to make small batches of changing designs, and the traditional industry couldn’t help us, we realized that we had to develop our own unique production process. 3d printers enabled us to produce moulds affordable, instead of the regular metal ones.

Pic. By MELT Icepops, 3d printed new icepop design

4. What is the most challenging to work with icepops? a great recipe or a great shape?

The shape because it forces us to develop and use a totally different making process then regular icepop production.

5. Most exotic shape and flavor?

For a special event in The science museum in Amsterdam we made a special collection of spicy/hot icepops with chilli pepper, fluorescent icepops with vitamin B to glow in black-light and icepops with poppin sugar. The most exotic shape is a difficult one! they are all special in a way, but if i should pick one than it would be a lamp we did for a dutch company called TNO for ict 2013 (applied scientific research organisation) With its 3 colors it was for us the most challenging icepop we made.

Pic. by MELT Icepops

6. What could you explain me about the icepop generator and the crowdfunding experience?

A lot of people seem to think that because of our use of 3d printing we print our ice pops as well. Because we also think it would be awesome if we could create special ice pops instant of an block of ice. we started a crowdfunding campaign to fund our ice-cnc machine. The campaign was very succesful but unfortunately the building of the machine is been a lot more difficult than we originally thought but it is still in the pipelines and we hope to launch a first version of it very soon.

Pic. Icepop cnc by MELT icepops

7. What kind of feedback do you get from people when you show them your work? Any great moments?

We had a lot of great feedback from all over the world! and it helped us a lot. especially  in the first period because it had been a long rocky road for us to get to where we are now and then it is very nice to know that there are people who really like what you do. We started this because we thought food products could be a lot more fun and it is nice to hear that it does bring more fun to a lot of people. We have a lot of great moments, they will all be in our book ones so stay tuned 😉 (since the day we started we keep a visual diary from every special moment and it is our dream to one day make a book from it) One of the most memorable ones was being on the Wereld Draait Door! one of the top rated television shows in the Netherlands.

Pic. By MELT Icepops

8. Do you think 3d food printing can have a big impact in our life?

I have mixed thought about that! I don’t really believe in the fact that there is an added value to print pizza’s at home, but i do think for special edition sweets and ice pops it could be interesting. And also in the medical industry or food for elderly people who can’t chew well anymore i see some great possibilities.

9. Could you share your opinion about the future of 3d food printing?

I think it wouldn’t really change the way we eat at home. But for specials (for example that you could create an ice pop from your face at a special event like an icepop photobooth) it can be very interesting. The fun thing about 3d printing is that there is so much devolopment going on that everything could be possible. Like everyone in the ‘90 couldnt see any benefits for having a mobile phone and see where that is nowadays.

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