Printing tips for chocolate

Printing with chocolate tends to end up in a completely mess at 3DC #HQ. Here are some printing tips for chocolate that we find useful for our doilies prints.


Before any print or even preparing the chocolate make sure:

  • Precut enough baking paper
  • Make sure all your axis are properly adjusted (specially if you are tweaking the Z axis all the time like us!)
  • Prepare all your printing files in advance!
  • Prepare a napkin soak in water, we use this to stick the paper to our tile base
  • Make sure the printer is ready (connected)
  • Make sure you have a syringe, plunger and tip clean

After that… is time to melt the chocolate! For this particular print, we do not temper it, but that is up to you and your snappingness and shinyness addiction 🙂

To melt the chocolate using the microwave is preferred. Our “technique” relays on counting 15 every time the choco is heated up. Heat and stir as much as you need to melt all the chocolate. Stir in between heating runs.

Load the syringe, adjust the air pressure and hit print!

Another 3D Food printing adventure story 🙂

Printing with Meringue?

Meringue is a dessert made with egg white  and sugar (simple version). It has interesting characteristics and lots of potential as a 3DFP material.

  1. It can fight gravity, meaning that by itself can hold its shape quite nicely
  2. After cooking gets a solid form. Even different states (pouching, baking, …)
  3. It’s not difficult to prepare (worst part is beating eggs)
  4. Tastes nice just by adding some vanilla extract 🙂
  5. Has glossy white color, meaning that adding colorant we can get almost any color easily!

So why not? lets give it a try!