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3D Food Printing Podcast Chapter 2 – 2015 in Review

In Chapter 2 of the 3D Food Printing Podcast Luis and I do a short wrap up of 2015.

Some of the topics discussed:

You can subscribe or listen to the 2nd 3D Food Printing Podcast here:

There was a lot that happened in 2015 and we covered most of it on 3DIGITALCOOKS.com so go ahead and hit the archives of the site to review 2015 on your own if the podcast wasn’t enough.

Did we miss something in 2015 that we didn’t cover in the #3DFPod or on the site? Let us know by using #3DFPod on social media to give us your feedback!

3DIGITALCOOKS presents: 3D Food Printing Podcast Chapter 1!

We’re very excited to finally announce today is the day we’re launching something we feel is a very special  next step in the evolution of 3DC.. the 3D Food Printing Podcast – #3DFPod !!!

Last week we had a small private virtual listening party for the 3DC email subscribers and although it’s been hard to hold back we are very happy to let the rest of the world know about it.  You can download/subscribe to the 3D Food Printing Podcast Chapter 1 at the below links:

The inagural chapter in the #3DFPod serves as an intro to Luis and I and how we got involved in 3D food printing.

As usual we’d like your feedback on it as well as any ideas you think we should discuss/debate/share on the podcast.  Reach out to us about the podcast by sending us an email at “podcast (AT) 3digitalcooks (DOT) com” or use the hastag: ” #3DFPod ” whenn you share  or discuss the podcast on social media so we can find it.

Here is the first episode –

Thank you so much for you continued support!

3D Food Printing Infographic by Yangseub Lim

The end of 2015 had a lot of impact for us, 3DFP Roadtrip, Pier 9 exhibition and the Tech Forum  presentation in Korea. It was also the end of the school year for many students.

One student project we’d like to highlight is the “Map of 3D Food Printing Development” by Yangseub Lim. On his blog you can see the effort and research he did towards his studies.  It’s a commendable effort and as you know we are ALWAYS happy to welcome more people (especially students) into the 3DFP community!

Map of 3D Food Printing Development

Go check out Yangseub’s really educational 3d food printing educational research blog and maybe it will give you some inspiration on your next 3DFP project.

3D Food Printing at CES 2016

Sadly we’re not there in Vegas to see all the 3d food printing taking place at CES 2016 this time around…   We’ve just got to keep hitting F5 on the keyboard to our google search and checking the other sites to get some inside info.

One cool piece that we wanted to share is the piece on 3D Systems Culinary Lab from Kimberley Wang of BRIT + CO

Go check it out and tell’em we sent ya by clicking the pic below

emoji candy from culinary lab at CES 2016

Pic credit: BRIT+CO – Emoji 3D Printed Candy from the Culinary Lab

Did you notice anything 3DFP at CES 2016?  Let us know on social media or send us an email

New 3D Food Printing Kickstarters….

We’re always happy when we see somebody take the leap into 3D food printing!

On that note we want to let you know that there are two brand-spanking new 3D food printing crowdfunding campaigns that use/will use/want to use 3DFP as a new business.  We have made contact with Martin from SCOFF3D and it looks like we will be in touch very soon.

Here is a very brief rundown and a link for you to check them out for yourself.  Please be aware that crowdfunding campaigns are a little risky as most people are still in the concept phase of their idea when they launch these.  I’m pretty positive that the 3DC community knows that there has been VERY little succes for 3DFP in crowdfunding so make sure to do your due-dilligence before backing any crowdfunding campaign, 3DFP or not.

3DFP Roadtrip 2015 Series: PancakeBot Private Viewing

We ❤ PancakeBot!

If you’ve been following the digital cooking world as of late you should be more than aware of Miguel and his awesome PancakeBot, and  if you’re a backer of the Kickstarter campaign earlier in the year then you should be salivating right about now because the news just dropped that it will be shipping your way soon!

We couldn’t wait …

Of course we reached out to Miguel before our 3D Food Printing Roadtrip to see if he was even going to be in town and to co-ordinate.  We tried to make it work and time everything as good as we could, but it almost didn’t happen.  

On to San Diego…

We’d just cleaned up after getting our minds blown at the Culinary Lab and went to catch our breath and have a banana at a nearby Safeway parking lot when Luis looked at me and said “Should we call Miguel?” and after a little pros and cons of the traffic situation during rush hour around the Los Angeles area we each took a step back, simultaneously jumped in the air and high-fived while yelling YOLO! (It was a sight to be seen.. hopefully by nobody else.. ever…)  

We jumped back in the Camaro and hit the road…. as far as we could before our first stau (traffic jam) which took all of about 5 minutes to get stuck in.

After about 3+ hours (normally about a 1 hour trip) and memorizing Drake’s Hotline Bling (after the 65th play in that timeframe) we finally came to the almost-bottom of the west coast, San Diego, found PancakeBot HQ, hugs and handshakes with Miguel and family and then straight into a hardcore geeking out session about the PancakeBot.

Finally getting the chance to meet in-person the inspiration behind the food printing wonder, Lily (his daughter) and meeting the rest of Miguel’s beautiful and awesome family (HUGE shout out and THANK YOU to his wife Runi for having us over) Earlier in the year Luis and I had the opportunity for an exclusive first look at the PancakeBot when we had Miguel on our 3D Food Printing Experts of the World Video Interview Series, check out that interview here: 3DFP VI#3 – PancakeBot Creator Miguel Valenzuela

Thank you to the Valenzuelas

Thank you again to Runi, Miguel and the whole family for inviting and accepting us in as if we we’re one of them!

Jason + Luis