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    Hi everyone!

    This is Luis Rodriguez. I am super passionated about 3d food printing. Everything started a few years ago after I had to close my small woodshop. To survive to that agonic pain, I bouth a 3d printer. Soon I realized I had no money to fix broken extruders and to buy plastic. Thus I decided to look into alternative abundant materials. FOOOOD!!!
    This was a HUGE mistake 😉
    Soon enough after the first edibles I realized that the bond connecting food to people allowed for the first time EVER to explain my work without many words! That feeling was amazing and it is what hooked me up to 3d food printing.
    At that point is when 3DIGITALCOOKS was born.

    I have build 4 printers dedicated to print food. Designed and tested a bunch of different printing techniques too (peristaltic, powder, syringe, auger, compressed air, …). Taste a some delicious and not so delicious printed recipes. I have worked for almost two years at Natural Machines. Also I have had promoted 3DFP in conferences around the world (Seoul, Madrid, Barcelona, San Francisco, …).

    I love 3DFP I think is and incredible new creative tool to be used in the kitchen. I hope you stay with us along this 3DIGITALCOOKS journey is gonna be awesome!

    Lets have some fun!!!


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