3digitalcooks tools is a list of tools we had developed to test different approaches to digital cooking. Divided by type: design or hardware 🙂

Design tools

3d food special dates [January 2016]

Created by David Vilella Riera, this app generates custom designs based on a special date.

Yogurt Up [November 2015]

Yogurt Up, builds pyramids made out of big dots. Perhaps yogurt dots.

Stalactite [September 2015]

Stalicted, allows to generate GCodes, that controls droplets rate in time, to build stalitctite like made out of food.

AEP [April 2014]

AEP aka Air Extrusion Parser. This takes a regular slicing GCode detects the extrusion start stops and adds on/off air extresuion commands.

Curv3s [January-2014]

This is a Lin3s update. Main new feature are Bezier curves. More info here.

Lin3s [January-2014]

Straight Lines! remake. More info here.

Hamiltonian potatoes! [November-2014]

Hamiltonian potatoes is a design tool used to generate hamiltonian paths and translate into carving GCodes.

Heights and Lines! [September-2014]

Heads and Lines! is a design tool for different paths drawings with raw angles (no curves). Additionally allows to offset independently each line to have a curly effect printing. Tool adapted for aire extrusion.

Straight Lines! [August-2014]

Straight Lines! is a design tool for one path (open or close) free drawing with raw angles. Tool adapted for aire extrusion.

Roses [July-2014]

Roses is a design tool to trace GCodes movements following a rhodonea curve.

Specially adapted for aire extrusion.

HW tools

Pinya3 (2015)

Pinya2 (2014)

PLYUMP – Peristaltic Extruder (2013-2014)

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