Hi! Welcome to 3DigitalCooks 3d food printing school.


While we work on setting up or brick and mortar 3d food printing school, we give you three options to start learning and having fun:

  • Online classes
  • Workshops

Online classes

Join our online 3d food printing school community through Patreon. We offer monthly classes for 20$, covering different topics related to 3d food printing. Also 1 on 1 classes to directly answer your questions for.

New York workshop

We have put together a 101 workshop on 3d food printing that we hold regularly in New York City. We feel is the right time to start sharing all our knowledge and experience on 3d food printing! Bu

This 101 workshop will introduce our attendees to 3d food printing in a creative, fun and hands on way. Understanding how 3d food printing is a new tool in the kitchen, the same way a blender is, BUT with tremendous potential specially in creativity.

So what is the content of this workshop some of you may ask.

Here it is the outline:

** INTRO **
** DESIGN **
** PASTES **
** FUN **

Having fun is the key for this 3d food printing workshop and this is important because we believe is the right approach to learn about 3d food printing. With that in mind, along the workshop we will start form scratch understanding the importance of 3d food printing, what it is and how it works. We will take some time to explain about the key aspects of it, design, food and techniques but at the same time having a hands on experience with printing pastes and powders techniques.

We will print, greek yogurt, hummus and sugar!

– Sign upHERE
– Location: Long Island City in NYC
– Duration: ~3hours
– Cost: 75$

If you want to register or know more about it please DM us through INSTAGRAM or send us an email to luis (at) 3digitalcooks . com

Looking forward to have fun together and sharing my passion/obsession on 3d food printing with y’all!

3d printed colorful hummus

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