3DC Instructables Roundup pt 2

Water Chocolate Mousse

Using a recipe from Hervé This and “accidentally” printing the AirBnb logo… was an experience Luis shared through Instructables using Chocolate Mousse.  It is actually a lot of fun to print with and builds anticipation with every layer.  As you can see from the vid below.. which is a print made from a design app created by Jaime  🙂

Pinya3: a 3D food printing platform release

I think we all understand at this point in the evolution of 3DFP that if you want to print food your are most likely going to have to make your own hardware and sometimes software as well.  Luis has created and released the Pinya3: a 3D food printing platform to make your entry into 3DFP so much easier.  This printer was designed with the kitchen in mind; from the stainless steel parts to the actual size of the device as it was meant to fit under the cabinets on your kitchen counter.

Cartridge Extruder

You can’t 3D print food without an extruder can you? 3DIGITALCOOKS is really focused on you getting your 3DFP aspirations or ideas going.. and the Cartridge extruder on Instructables is one way that WILL help you get to the point where you can start working on prototypes of your food experiemnt.  Go check it, build your own and share your experience with us.

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