3D Printed Food Tasting #2 – Culinary Lab

If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is there to hear it.. does it make a sound?

When a Raspberry…

is in the form of a hollow dodecahedron with an unrecognizable different texture… is it still a raspberry?

Ok, times up.. enough thinking.. whatever answer you gave… umm.. then you still need to experience it! The 12 sided raspberry I mean, you can come back in a few years after some heavy meditation and give us your answer to the first question.  For the second question you’ll never know what to respond until you’ve taken the trek down to Melrose Ave. in LA and experienced it for yourself.

Wanna see inside the Culinary Lab?

We’ve got a post coming up soon that will go into all the things we did on the 3DFP roadtrip and cover with lots of pics and some more vids about the Culinary Lab.  The best way to get updated as soon as we post it is joining our growing community and sign up to recieve news from us in your inbox.  Enter your email in the box below to get updated as soon as we post about it!

You could be lucky enough to catch Kyle and his team (including the Secret Weapon!) at one of the events they travel around to as well but if you have the opportunity to goto one of the upcoming events at the Culinary Lab you should do everything in your power to make it there to see the craftsmanship and thoughtfulness that went into it.  For us the visit was like a dream come true.  First we finally got to shake hands and sit down with one of the pioneers in 3D food printing and meet the “Secret Weapon” (NOTE: when we refer to “Secret Weapon” you should visualize him as a superhero).


Here’s the video of Luis in our 3D Printed Food Tasting Session #2 with the Kyle von Hasseln from the Culinary Lab, enjoy!

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