Chickpea casting day #2

Day #2 First molds and materials tests

Experiment day one:

1.30h to puree the chickpeas + half a lemon, sieve it and load the capsule. 570gr checkpeas = 1.5 cartridges.

1h to get the right airflow.


Molds are easy to create. Candy melt is too thick. Agar agar might be cooled otherwise melts the chickpea.

A water issue or heating issue?

After testing with water, wall thickness of 2 mm can not hold. Until here we have been using Curves with just one perimeter. Pumping up the air pressure we could manage to get thicker walls but seems not enough.


Using 8mm walls, and pouring water into them gave us around 4 minutes window to hold the shape before it collapsed. We tested with plain water. Some chickpea from the walls gets “melts” and gets into the water during the process, weird way to do chickpea infusion 😉

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