Chickpea casting day #1

Casting is a really cool manufacturing/rapid prototyping technique where molten material is poured into a mould. Once the material solidifies the original is released. The mould is normally destructed in the release process and not reused.

In our new set of experiments we decided to give a try to chickpea purée as a casting mould material. The pros for chickpea purée is that is cheap, easy to print (if the right precaution are taken) and has enough consistency to print high enough 3d structures that allow us to get bigger moulds. worthy to try, right?

So the ideal process goes like:

  1. Prepare the design we want to cast (software)
  2. Create a mould design based on the previous point design (software)
  3. Print the mould design using chickpea purée
  4. Pour into the mould the material we want for our original design
  5. Clean casting mould and release the design

We do still have some questions in some the previous points, but that is what experiments are! to get answers.

Mould wall thickness? Pouring material? Chickpea purée cleanability? setting time? …

Hoping to get these answers and more in the upcoming experiments days!