Printing cookies day #3 Deep fryingish

Our third day of experimentation printing cookies has arrived. After failing with the current recipe, we wanted to give a try to a different cooking technique after printing. This time instead of baking in the oven we are going to deep fry the frozen cookies!

Heating up sunflower oil

Heating up sunflower oil

Let’s see what happens!

We have just two frozen cookies left from last batch of baking experiments. Hopefully will be enough.

Ok. First let’s try to choose the proper oil temperature. It seems we need to avoid reaching the smoking point. From wikipedia:

The smoke point is the temperature at which the oil is decomposed and where possibly toxicological relevant compounds are formed.

That sound to us like something to avoid 😉 We have chosen sunflower oil. Smoke point for refined sunflower oil is 227ÂșC. This feels like a pretty high value. Some deep fried cookies recipe call for around 190ÂșC, so that is what we are going to target.

The idea behind this experiment is to see is if the hot oil heat transfer is fast enough to dehydrate the cookie walls (evaporating water) so the cookie holds its shape. Lets see…

OK. This is been by far our most epic fail! Good that we even record it! Watch the video for more details.

For our next cookie day, we are going to try to tune the cookie dough recipe. Eventually we will get there (3d printed cookie)!

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