Doughnut day

Time to time is just nice to focus on one normal recipe and just try to get it right (no 3d food printing here). But obviously we need to add some touches of digital cooking 🙂

Doughnuts cutted with 3d printed cutters

Doughnuts cut with 3d printed cutters

Today it is doughnut day!

We followed this cake doughnut recipe. We must add that we needed extra flour to get similar dough consistency, a part from that the recipe turn out to be great (WIFE APPROVED).

We choosed this recipe because doughnuts are cool, because it is not that difficult, uses baking powder and we could test how that would effect to some 3d printed cutters.

Disclaimer. We are not fans of using 3d printed parts in contact with food, but for once… let’s give it a shot. The goal was to test how shaped doughnuts would hold their shape after being deep-fried.

 We printed square, round and hexagon cutters. We tried to wrap the cutters with plastic film, but was too hard to get it right, next time we will try aluminum foil. Wrapping it would had a food safe material in contact with the food, not an strong believer about this technique but a pastry chef once recommended it, so…

3d printed doughnut cutter

3d printed doughnut cutter

Some insides of the cut dough

Cutting doughnuts 3d printed cutters

Cutting doughnuts 3d printed cutters

Hexagon doughnut

Hexagon doughnut

We did not take more than the first picture of the doughnuts results, we were to busy eating them. we got some instragram video of the process HERE, and the breakfast next day HERE.

Baking powder raised the doughnuts, what is good for the recipe but not so good to keep the shapeS. Also the cut dough is difficult to handle and easy to deform when we put it into the hot oil. Despite these fact the result was visually nice and delicious too!

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