Printing cookies day #2

After an intense day one of printing cookies. The baking Day #2 had arrived.


Collapsed 3d printed cookie

Collapsed 3d printed cookie

After whole day in the freezer it was time for some baking experiments.

3d printed frozen cookies

3d printed frozen cookies

The set up was easy. A small oven with a thermometer inside and a rough starting baking time for about 10 minutes. It is important to notice that all the cookies where headed directly from the freezer to the oven.

Printed cookie in the oven

Printed cookie in the oven

First try – 175ºC

We had different quality printed cookies. Our first go was with an uneven one.

We placed the cookie on a sheet of baking paper on top of a oven rack on middle height.

It completely collapsed after 3 minutes. First fail, that was showing that the day was not going to be a success day.

Cooking for 10 minutes.

Second try – 200ºC

This one was a better print with better structural shape. It hold its shape until minute 4. Oven rack middle height.

Cooking for 10 minutes.

Third try – 200ºC

Not sure why we decided to use a oven rack, from this test on moving to a flat surface oven tray. Middle height.

This cookie had a good shape, some flaws but not that bad. In between minute 4 and 5 start collapsing 🙁

Cooking for 12 minutes. Base looks overcooks, we guess is due to the higher heat transfer properties of the metal tray vs rack and air.

Fourth try – 200ºC

Running out of Ideas. Lets try printing on top of a ceramic plate, to see having a harder to head element helps preventing the cooking from collapsing (not lots of hope on this).

The shape of this cookie is good.

Middle height on top of a cold tile (freezed for 30minutes). After six minutes collapsed again.


We are getting the feeling we are going to need to tune the recipe ;). Still for our next cookie printing day we have a cool experiment pending first.

As usual, the good thing about 3d food printing is that even if the result does not look as expected, still is edible and delicious 🙂 Also this infinite cookies once collapsed weirdly look like the gmail logo to us.

printed cookies experiments

printed cookies experiments

2 thoughts on “Printing cookies day #2

  1. These are so awesome!

    – Why did you choose to go straight from freezer to oven?
    – What about going super high heat in the beginning and then decrease over the cooking time.. kind of like “searing” them? My theory for this is that it will “sear” the outside a little, maybe helping to retain the shape of the original print…
    OR.. perhaps using a flambe to crisp the outer shell to help maintain shape?

    Great job Luis!!!!!

    How do they taste? 😉

  2. Freezing helps to keep the shape for regular flat cookies, avoids them to spread. I tried something similar to fast high heat through deep frying but that melted the cookie directly ahahah I still have 2 or three cookie days experiments pending the melting cookie was fun, maybe torching the outside would help, not sure if my wife would approve a torch…but that would be cool to try.

    thanks for the comment Jason!

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