Printing colorful hummus: rainbow method

Hopefully have already seen the pictures  (if not please check them :). But what do you have to do for printing colorful hummus?

Rainbow hummus Loaded rainbow hummus syringe

Loaded rainbow hummus cartridge

Follow the next steps, it is zzzzzzzzzuper easy!

First you are going to need a 3d food printer that works with syringes or cartridges or capsules. We are using Pinya2 and an air compressed extruder.

Next prepare your hummus, here it is our recipe. And divided in different containers.

Hummus in bowls

split hummus into bowls

Now it is dye time! You can choose any type of dye,we were lazy so we just used some colors we had around: red, blue and green.

Dyeing hummus

Dyeing hummus

Mix each hummus thoughtfully, until you get homgenous colors.

Hummus colors

Hummus colors

Now is when the fun part begins. Take a full spoon of each color and spooooon it into the cartridge. Should look something like this.

Loaded cartridge red hummus

Loaded cartridge

One color at a time press firmly with your spoon. Until you end up with a rainbow effect. Obviously you can choose whatever color you like and whatever sequence! that is the fun part about it!

Loading cartridge with hummus for 3d printing

Loadiing hummus with a spoon a cartridge

Once the syringe is loaded (see first picture from the post) is time for printing!

Following you can see some examples, one f my favorite parts is how colors blend. This semi-random effect depends on how you spoon the hummus viscosity,… but who cares is just gorgeous!


We did two tests using Curv3s as a design tool. The last one was this squarish fractal. You can see a curv3s screen shoot and the posterior print.

Castle design for hummus

Castle design for hummus design