3d printing coffee #1

Sometimes from crazy ideas come the best and most interesting things. 3d printing coffee is just that.

Everything started from a tweeter conversation triggered by this video. This time we got the chance to share and discuss this idea with a true coffee expert PAU PAU PAU! Who also happens to be a 3d printer enthusiast.  So it was all set for a #1st meeting.


The idea of 3d printing a liquid is just amazingly awesome and at the same time extremely difficult. But for us it was just an excuse to discuss about possibilities and different ways we could apply 3D printing to the art of coffee.

Instead of talking for hours about non-gravity prints or ultrasonic 3d levitation (what would had been really cool too) we discussed a more pragmatic idea: to use our 3d printer for latte Art.

We tested how PLYUMP performed pumping cream and rapidly realize that was not a good approach since cream was breaking and dripping milk easily.

Pumping cream

Pumping cream

Later we also test extruding cream with a syringe. Expecting to have the same issue, and soon we saw that was a bumpy road too. It was an interesting experiment, to realize how little pressure was needed, a matter of a gentle touch 🙂

It was a great opportunity to learn and share passions from our passions/obsessions 🙂 Our quest to merge 3d food printing with coffee has just begun.

More, and hopefully better, 3d printing coffee coming soon!

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