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Lin3s, new design tool

Lin3s is a remake of our straight lines design tool.

This time we have added a 3d viewer, so it is easier to get a sense of how the design is gonna look like. Example of a GCode printed with hummus. We keep our no-sense design rule (sorry for that).

What it does?

Creates a GCode path following a drawn line. Without jumps. Goes back and forth over the same line increasing the height until the desired number of layers is reached. The output just controls position, and valve on/off. Mainly for air compressed extruders.

What is what?

3 main parts.

  • Parameters: Left column has a title “Lin3s” (does nothing), list of designing and printing parameters, and GCode button to generate your GCode (after designed).
  • Canvas: Middle area, here is where to draw the “base” view of our design with a single line or path.
  • Viewer: A 3D viewer of the design, with basic mouse controls.

How to use it?

First a short video that we hope makes things easier to understand. If not we wrote a boring description that hoping is good enough.

The center area is a canvas where a path or line can be drawn. This represents the base of the design. Following the basic design actions:

  • To draw, just click on it and place where you want your new line joints to be (starts drawing the line with the second joint).
  • To move around a line joint, click on and drag it to the new position.
  • To add a new joint to your line, click on and drag it to the new joint position.
  • To remove a line joint, hold shift and click on the line joint.
  • To close a line, click shift + “c”.
  • To open a line, click shift + “o”.

To help building and printng a 3d design from the base line the following parameters are implemented.

  • # layers: Number of layers for the whole print.
  • Rotation [deg/layer]: This rotates each layer with the given degree parameter. If you get to play with some crazy fast setting material this might be cool. I can not get it to work over 1deg/layer
  •  Scale top layer [%]: This helps to give a less 2.5D feeling. What it does is change the proportion of all the layers based on the relationship between bottom and top layer. Equal to a basic cone effect (/\ or \/).
  •  Feedrate [mm/min]: Printing speed.
  •  Initial delay [ms]: This adds a delay after the beggining of the print. This is set for printer using valve controls (or at least for mine :)).
  •  enter y [mm], this 2 parameters help to center the print, at whatever center position is desired. By default this parameter is set for delta printers center = 0,0.
  • File name. Write here the name that you want for your file, it will be saved by default at your browser Downloads folder.

If you are interested in the source code, here it is the repository, spoiler alert not fancy coding here;).

It would be awesome if you have any feedback please let us know! 🙂

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