Shake that powder #2

After our sweet success proof of concept shake that powder extrusion, it was time to test it printing.


Where to start?

First we did some fast 3d printing iterations to find the proper fit for our needs. A holder for the pipette tip that we could attach to Pinya end-effector.


We decided to go for rubber bands as an union between the holder and the end effector. That probed to be and interesting choice. Good and bad. The initial idea was to act as a dampener for the vibration motor.


As the following picture shows. Using the rubber bands allows the tip to have wider vibrations giving a cool rainy powder umbrella.


BUT during some print tests the tip got clogged really easily so we could not even finish a complete print.  Some attempts in the picture below.


After a few attempts the vibration motor stopped working, so we are looking into more reliable solutions for this. Hopefully we will have more progress soon, or not 🙂

3D food printing

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