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Shake that powder #1

Shake it baby shake it!

Shake that powder is a new experiment to print with other different food forms.

Bored of purées and doughs? what about powders?

The idea is pretty stupid and straight forward. Shake a tip full of powder and…. MAKE IT RAIN!

As a proof of concept we took an electric tooth brush (shaking agent) a big pipette tip (as powder reservoir) and mask tape (as engineering ultimate tool).


Shall we dust off the rest of the post?

So this is how the powder pen looks like. Quite convenient the tooth brush has an on/off switch to control the powder flow.  This time we are using powder sugar for the experiments.


The powder is not fine enough or wet so time to time the tip got clogged. A few taps and keep drawing.

Sorry for this awful video 🙁

Some more high quality art pieces in my tiny kitchen counter top.




As a proof of concept it works. Some improvements might need to bebe done. Next step let’s try to attach it to our printer!!!!!!

3D food printing

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