3D Printing ceramics

Food is not just about food. Is also about how we eat, the experience and the tools we use. With that in mind, at 3DC we started experimenting 3D Printing ceramics.

What is the first thing you have to do when starting fooling around with something new? Look for an expert to help you out. This is where the awesome people from Bussoga come to play.


Shall we fire this up?

There is not many differences between ceramics and food. Both are printed in a paste form. Meaning that for basic prints, same set up is useful. So again using Pinya we did our first approach to 3D print with ceramics.

With all the intel and some samples from Bussoga this are the results from our first attempts.



Ceramics do dry, but they are fragile unless you fire them up…


Here some pictures of the preparation process.


Using a fork to make sure there was no lumps.


Loading syringe.



Loaded syringe.


Print result.


We are really excited about the possibility of printing our own tableware for our recipes, it sounds just to cool, printing food on top of printed dishes!!!

Let’s see what this new collaboration with Bussoga brings us for the future 🙂


3D printing food

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