Hipster Pumpkin Halloween Skull Moustache Recipe!

Halloween is here, to celebrate it @3DC we cook a Hipster Pumpkin Halloween Skull Moustache Recipe!


Trick or treat?

Main ingredient is Pumpkin Puree. There is lots of recipes online to learn how to prep a proper pumpkin purée, like this or this or this.

First we got a nice pumpkin.


Slice it and put it into the oven with some baking paper.


Oven should go at 200ºC for 35 to 45 minutes.

Our oven is not that powerful, so a lot of moisture was still in the pumpkin slices even after cooking for over an hour. That is why I tried to use a fork to ease the water vapor out (#fail).

cooked pumkin

Once pumpkin is cooked through (stab a fork and feel that is completely soft). Remove from oven. And let it cool down to room temperature. Peel and blend the pumpkin flesh. You should have now a nice and delicious super thin texture purée with nice consistency.

I did 3 different purée batches and I was not getting the right consistency for printing, so I decided to reduce the purée to get a thicker more potato purée like consistency.


we did not wanted to overheat the purée so we were reducing for 45minutes at around 70ºC. After that consistency was ok.

Time for plating. For this recipe we chose an awesome Bussoga tile as a dish. We honestly think Bussoga’s job is 99% of the awesomeness of this recipe.


Houston we have a plate… meaning its printing time! We used Pinya 2 with its aire extrusion system. Next video shows the print it takes around 3minutes.

To finish the moustache, it is garnished with some salt to resemble some crumbs. Gross enough? HOPEFULLY SO!!!!


Happy Halloween everybody!

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