Curly prints

If you have a FDM 3D printer I am sure you know what this post IS about. Curly prints.

Whenever extruding with the nozzle far from the bed, the plastic does those funny curly spirals. No different with food.

But…what if we play with the distance between the nozzle and the bed to have funny curly patterns?


The idea is to have Pinya2 printing with different brushes styles by changing the height distance.

To test the idea first we wrote some manual GCode test.

 It worked, so it was a matter of finding a way, to forsake editing heights manually.

For that we put together a simply design tool HEIGHTS AND LINES. Which is able to assign a different colour (height) for different lines. The tool allow to draw straight line shapes, control the speed for each height and the offset for each of the three  types of brushes (heights).

Following some more random ugly designs.





Ok I admit that my drawing steam boats skills are simply BAD.


As stupid as it might sound. The bed needs to be properly levelled. This is gonna help to have a more uniform brush-type.

The brush style depends on 3 factors. Height, speed and extrusion. Our tool only controls height, to add extra control we cheat. Whenever we wanted to have a stronger curly effect we crank up the extruder air pressure manually.

Reducing the printing speed helps to empathize the curling effect (more time to spin). But, as explained above, also increases the amount of food extrude during a normal height print.


Honestly, we just tried this method once twice. It looks like a nice tool to offer different finishes. But the tool is too simple. Adding some extra features like speed control per line or saving design would increase the possibilities. And also fixing some bugs as well 😉

Would be nice to take more time to test it but… THERE IS TOO MANY THINGS PENDING TO TEST 😉