Lucky Hummus a new digital recipe

It took way more time than I thought, BUT finally our second digital recipe made it into 3DC.

Lucky Hummus.


Lucky Hummus has been created mainly as an excuse to use our new aire extrusion.

After experimenting with different materials, I super liked how hummus was holding its shape. That was the beginning of everything.

From there, a matter of combining the three key disciplines for digital cooking: Design, technology and COOKING.


Technology for the Lucky Hummus is based on Pinya2 and its aire extrusion system. Not much to add here.


At 3DC we are quite obsessed about how to design for 3DFPs.

So for this new recipe we decided to develop an specific design tool for it.

That is where ROSES comes to play (experiments).


ROSES is a javascript tool that uses rhodonea curves equation to generate printing paths for Pinya.

The tool result is a GCode file that works directly with the printer.

In somehow it combines design (Roses) and slicing (GCode generation).

Building the tool from scratch allow us to have just the mandatory parameters. Reducing the learning curve to start printing.

Still we feel this tool has too many parameters (its a start) ideally we aiming to have NONE.

We want to explicitly thank ENRIC for his help during all the design tool process, concept and implementation!!


I am not a cook. Meaning that pairing food and flavours is freaking hard for me.

It took a few days just to study/try different ingredients to pair with hummus.

Basil, sun dried tomatoes, paprika, olives, walnuts, garlic, rosemary infused-oil, avocado, roasted pepper,…

After a few random trials. I validate the avocado recipe with the help of my awesome wife. She ate 2 (bi-winning) of them and keep asking for more. Good enough for me!


The Lucky Hummus has three ingredients: hummus, avocado purée and tomato.

For hummus: 150gr chickpeas, 20gr tahini, 5ml olive-oil a pinch of salt.

Blend everything (hand blender) until you get a consistent homogeneous mix. This hummus is thicker than normal to help building 3D structures.

Load the printing syringe with hummus and print the design on top of a toast.

For avocado purée, blend one avocado with the juice of half lemon. Load into a bottle. Chill in the fridge for an hour. Fill rose’s petals with avocado purée.



Cut a tomato cherry into thin slices, and add them on top as a garnish.



Hopefully next recipe is gonna take less time 🙂

Update #1

A good tip if you are planning to make several lucky hummus. Is to strain the hummus, pushing the hummus with a spoon. That is going to ensure that you have no lumps. It was really useful tip for us in order to make a batch of them without clogging the nozzle.

For avocado purée, keep in mind to balance lemon juice. Add as match as possible so the color of the purée stays greener 🙂


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  1. Jisun Baek says:

    I really liked lucky humus! Yummy Yummy Boom Boom ㅋㅋ

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